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Do you like to go to a crowded shopping centre to find everything you need? These places, so full of people, may be nice to visit once in a blue moon but probably not every single day! Fortunately, with internet shopping, you don't need to leave your cosy home to shop for your essentials and even to pay your bills. Paytm will help you run all of your errands and also get some incentives along the way!

Find a variety of products today

Picodi is a place in which magic happens and you save money by spending it. It publishes discount codes and promo coupons to all of the most popular shops in India and over thirty other countries so that shoppers across the globe can feel free to purchase whatever they need. Get yourself an online subscription today and see how easy it is!

Shop non-traditionally

It's difficult to imagine the world without online shopping. With such a technological advancement we have access to literally any kind of product we need. How can we utilise it to its full potential? Well, simply by shopping at Paytm and getting the best deals ever.

When you first visit the Paytm desktop website or Paytm mobile app, you can find that there are plenty of items to choose from and that could get a tiny bit overwhelming. Fear not, though, because with just a little bit of strategy, you'll find what you need and shopping will be a pleasant experience. How? Simply use the categories on the top of the page.

Comprehensive offer of electronics

Paytm not only allows you to shop but also to pay bills. It is so convenient that you no longer need to leave the house to do it. What is even more important is that you will get an instant confirmation that you actually paid the bill!

Paytm allows you to book various services for your convenience. You can, for example, look for movie tickets. You can go to the cinema with your friends and family having had booked your tickets in the comfort of your own home. Don't hesitate to look for other events as well! You also have a possibility to book means of transportation for your travels, such as flights, bus and trains. Check the full offer today!

Daily deals for you

There are also other popular categories. Perhaps this way it will be easier for you to find what you need? They include the Summer Sale Ė all of your essentials in one place. Coming up at 8 PM these are limited offer deals so hurry up before they expire! Daily needs are products which are used most often, so they need to be restocked.

Smartphones, TV, AC and Appliances will make your life much more comfortable. You can also find affordable fashion for everyone in your family and you, your partner and your children! Explore what the store has to offer and use each Paytm promo code whenever you want. Donít overspend ever again and make sure you keep coming back for more!

Fashion for everyone

Paytm Offers

Even though the website is full of attractive Paytm promotions and comprehensive Paytm offers, you can still achieve more by looking into Picodi first. It doesn't require much time, only following these few simple steps:

  • Subscribe with your email to receive notifications on the current offers. When you get one that is of particular interest to you, visit the platform to see it up close. Some Paytm deals may have expiration dates so make sure you check that too.
  • Click on the promotion of your choice and save the Paytm promo code for later. Go to Paytm and start searching for a product you want to have. Use the categories or scroll down to view other Paytm promotions or Paytm mobile recharge.
  • When you see an item you want, add it to your online cart. Remember to select the size, colour or any other feature it may have. When finished, go to your bag and review your order. Need to add more items? Not a problem, you can do it right away.
  • When done with shopping, enter your Paytm coupon code and leave your details. Pay as normal.
  • With some Paytm Offers you will be entitled to free shipping or Paytm Cashback Offer in special kind of Paytm Cash that will be deposited on your Paytm Wallet.


Great value deals

Paytm Mobile App

The flexibility that stands behind the idea of Paytm services reaches its quintessence in the mobile app. Being able to simply open Paytm app and get your bills payed on the go is wonderful. Or making your Paytm mobile recharge out of the mobile itself!

One thing more - both setting up your Paytm account and Paytm app download are absolutely free of charge!

This is the new way of shopping for your favourite items. Continue with more deals and offers to shops in India and abroad!

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