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More about World of Tanks:

Your favourite game, cheaper!

Back in the day, people would have to gather up in one place to play games together and share their interests with each other. Today, all you need is a computer and internet access to play any game with people from all over the world. If you want to gain the most of your gaming experience, learn some new skills and meet new people, who might actually become your friends, enter the World of Tanks.

World of Tanks website

Need some extra credit without having to pay the full price? Visit Picodi before you log in and see if there are any deals for the WoT experience. Play for free or buy some extra features you need to have the best time of your gaming life.

Why gaming?

Normally, we would not have the possibility to enter the war zone in our lives. Fortunately so, because it’s much better to co-exist in peace without having to deal with things like hunger, destruction and death. We can do it safely and have fun at the same time. With World of Tanks game we can apply all of our skills into the game and develop other ones along the way.

World of Tanks is a product of Wargaming.net – a specialist game developer, which provides their customers across the world with the most realistic and true experience on the web. By entering the game, you become someone whose job is to decide on the outcome of the war. If you’ve played it before, you are most likely proficient in the characteristics of the game and features you can get. If you’re new, here are some tips and guidelines for you to use.

Clans at World of Tanks

You will start by downloading the game onto your computer. You will then be entered into the magnificent world of the mid-20th century warfare, where you can live through the adventure and see whether you’re a team player or more of a commander. You don’t need to stick to one type of vehicle or weapon, as it’s flexible and you can change them during the game. The graphics is very realistic, which enhances the overall experience and leaves you craving more. You will become a member of a clan that fights against the other ones or you can create your own. After every battle you win, you will receive upgrades and bonuses to do even better during the next one.

As you update the number of tanks and weapons, you store them in your garage. It’s more of a home for you than any other place in the game, where upgrades are available and you can decide on your next move in the battle. You can control your tank by moving it around, auto-aiming and using your camera. You don’t need a computer mouse as all of the above and more can be done with your keypad. When you enter a battle, there are different things to pay attention to. You need to be aware of what your team does, and how much time is left. You should communicate effectively with your team mates and adequately control the panel.

World of Tanks Tournament

World of Tanks is a great way to develop some of your skills, such as team-playing, managing a group of subordinates and delegating tasks. Come to think of it, they are all really useful in your professional life as well, aren’t they? Obviously, it’s not recommended to refer to your World of Tanks past time activity during the management’s meeting (perhaps leave that to yourself) but as far as you control your gaming hobby and keep it within healthy limits, there are only good things you can take out of it.

World of Tanks game

World of Tanks coupon codes

Make the most out of it by visiting the game’s website and learning as much as you can. It will save you time later on in the battle, when fast decisions need to be made and no hesitation is needed. And if you want to get even more profits, go to Picodi first and:

  1. Find the right deal for you. Click on it and get a coupon code if it’s available. You might get more upgrades later on or start with a better status at the very beginning.
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  3. Get gold to spend later or shop for premiums at the beginning or during the game.
  4. Enter your coupon code if you have it and pay using your card.
  5. Leave your card number and personal details using a secure payments system.

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