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Do you remember how much time did your usual grocery shopping used to take? Two, three hours plus packing all of it into the car along with the journey? Surely there must be a better way to spend your free time than wandering around the store looking for products for your home? Surely you could find dozens. Now you’ll have all the time you need with Lulu Websore, your go-to online grocery store that gives you everything you need and more.

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Picodi believes in time-saving techniques and indeed provides you with such. With its comprehensive offer of bargains and vouchers, you will never overpay again. An easy and hassle-free subscription will save you plenty of money and effort in finding great vouchers and coupons every day.

What Lulu Webstore is all about

The store is all about providing you with bespoke service, great quality products, and fantastic prices. If you have ever visited the store in your efforts to find your essentials, you can expect the same wonderful experience online. Only with one big difference – you don’t need to leave your house anymore! So what’s available at the store?

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Start with your groceries. You probably want to make sure you and your family eat the best products, the freshest fruit and veg and the healthiest dairy. Lulu Webstore will make sure you find everything you have been looking for in a matter of minutes. If you’re all about the health in your life, try a range of organic products that will enrich your body with a wealth of vitamins and microelements. You will be able to prepare the dishes you would otherwise eat in the best restaurants in the city.

OK but the food isn’t everything and we should also be able to enjoy other things in life. That being said, you can easily find great fashion that suits you and your day job, and evening arrangements. The range of men’s and women’s clothing will satisfy any taste, whether you prefer plain shirts or printed, loose trousers or close-fit. The prices are affordable for everyone and you’ll even be able to find amazing accessories. Simply click on the right category to see if you can spot a promotion.

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Another thing that might interest you if you have never visited Lulu Webstore is the Electronics and Home section. For all your needs home-related, you can check the range of household electronics, household appliances, and décor items. For your work or hobby, you’ll find a wealth of laptops and mobile phones from top manufacturers. Exclusive deals will help you save tons of money, whether you’re shopping for a flat screen TV or side-by-side refrigerator. Air purifiers will allow you to breathe clean air inside your house which will greatly improve your quality of life. Finally, the baby car seat will ensure that all of your travels are always safe for the most precious members of your family.

Want to know more? All of the categories have daily deals which promote careful spending and proper budget planning. If you decide to shop at Lulu Webstore, you know your money couldn’t have been spent any better.

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Now that you know what range of products you can spot at Lulu Webstore, it’s high time to find out how to save money on it. Just:

  • Subscribe to Picodi to see which deals are available at the moment.
  • Visit Picodi and find a deal that strikes you. Don’t forget to check what its expiration date is along with terms and conditions, if provided.
  • Click on the deal and copy the voucher code. If you can’t see any, you’ll be taken to the store’s website directly.
  • When you’re on the website, register your account. Upon logging in, choose your category and add each product to your online cart.
  • Continue shopping until you're satisfied with your cart.
  • Go to the checkout to review your order. You can always add some products if you have forgotten something or remove it if you change your mind.
  • Continue to leave your details and make the payment.

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