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20 د.إ

Deliveroo Promo Code: AED 20 Off First Order + AED 20 Off Second Order

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AED 30 Off On 1st Order For Visa Cardholders


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New to Deliveroo? Use this special promo code while checking out for the first time and enjoy instant AED30 off! Valid for Visa cardholders.
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Would you like to earn AED 60 Deliveroo credit? It's so easy! Book 5 rides with Careem while using this special promo code in Careem app! Won't make 5 rides? No worries at all! Simply type in the promo code in your Careerm app and you'll be rewarded by AED7 voucher anyways! Vouchers will be sent out by after July 13th.
  • expired:: 2017-07-12

To avail the discount simply order any 3 healthy "Barry's Bundle" meals on Deliveroo this week!
  • expired:: 2017-07-16

Dubai First cardholders can save twice while ordering their meals at Deliveroo! To avail the discount simply use the promo code and pay with your Dubai First Credit Card.
  • expired:: 2017-07-31

Receive a complimentary Flywheel class when you order 2 healthy Fly Meals at Flywheel & FlyBarre via Deliveroo!
  • expired:: 2017-08-11

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More about Deliveroo:

Great food delivered fast

Cooking at home is nice. You eat wholesome meals, made by you, from ingredients you know. Not to mention all the money you’re saving by not going to restaurants that often. Yes, it’s great. But sometimes you just don’t have the strength and the will to stand in the kitchen, creating delicious meals. Especially, given the fact that you can have just as delicious things delivered to your door with Deliveroo. Food from across the world, just the way you like it.

Picodi understands the importance of health in our lives but it also understands that food needs to be tasty. For this reason, whenever you feel like it, you can take advantage of fantastic promotions and offers to Deliveroo and other places. Get the most of your dollar and save on takeaways each time you order them.

Food Deliveroo

There are different scenarios in which you might feel tempted to order a takeaway. For example, you have been really busy with your work and you just need to relax instead of cooking. Or you and your partner have left your child with a sitter, perhaps with your parents, and want to spend an evening at home doing nothing. Or maybe you’re a student and you’re not that much into cooking but you’re also tired of that frozen pizza. In each case, Deliveroo can provide you with a solution in the form of fantastic food for a great price everyone can afford to pay.

So how does it work? You can start by entering your postal code. The list of restaurants which deliver food within your radius will appear on your screen. This is a good option for those, who aren’t that strict on the matter of the type of cuisine they like but simply want to enjoy freshly cooked meals. However, if you do know what you like and want, and don’t really feel like trying anything outside your comfort zone, scroll down to see what is available.

Healthy food is what is both fast and good. Salads, stir-fries, rice, barley, fat-free pasta and more are made to help you stay in line with regards to your diet and restrictions. Guilty pleasures are meals that your mom used to cook when nobody even heard of gluten, dairy, and fat-free dishes. It’s the way people across the world still cook whenever they need to feel at home. Desserts and sweet treats are what you can enjoy at the end of your meal or as a separate dish. Cake for dinner? Why not?

Local gems are the restaurants within specified vicinity that have earned five stars for both the product and the service from local users. Family favorites are the places where typical family dinners are served and which deliver such dishes to your door. As you can see, whatever your needs are, you can easily find something for yourself. And if you conduct business, you can cater to both your employees’ and your clients’ needs by getting in touch with Deliveroo and enquiring for a comprehensive offer. Get the most of your business by providing people with tasty food in the form of corporate meals and event catering.

Deliveroo promo codes

If you’re into good food and you also believe that eating is something more than just filling up your stomach, Deliveroo is definitely for you. Now you don’t need to count every penny in order to get takeaways because you can:

  • Find deals available on Picodi. If you get a promo code – great! Copy it and save for later. Otherwise, click on another deal and you will be taken onto Deliveroo’s website.
  • On the website, start looking for a restaurant in your local area that can deliver food to your door. Check out menus, combine dishes, compare prices and read recommendations. Pick the best one for you.
  • Add each dish to your online basket and when done, click to confirm your order. When you’re taken to the payment’s page, you can enter your promotional code to pay less for your meal.
  • Enter your delivery address, name and confirm again. Your meal will arrive at your doorstep freshly cooked and hot. The estimated delivery time should be stated at this time because there are some busier nights in a week.
  • Leave your review at the end. Either recommend the place or warn other users not to order there.

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