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Le Creuset is a producer of high-quality cookware but the company started as a much simpler firm. The first product type that was created by the company and it was a porcelain enamelled cast iron pot in the year 1925. Fresnoy le Grand in France has been the location of the foundry, where the first steps were taken. While the company was keeping some aspects of production true to tradition, for the last decades Le Creuset multiplied its assortment of products by many times be improving manufacturing process with all kind of modern technology that came with time. 

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The distinguishing factor that Le Creuset can be proud of is sustenance and using hand-crafted techniques used to produce company's first designs, those techniques and processes of casting and forging are crucial to the quality of cookware and they are a part of the important company heritage but also factor differentiating them from competition. All techniques developed through all of this time contributed to the creation of French Oven and The Cocotte. Products like that proved usefulness and turned out to be timeless by still being used right now. Those are sold in multiple colour variants and are recognised as company's trademark for many years, as being sold and well revived in over 60 countries around the globe including economic powers such as the United Kingdom, United States Australia and Japan. 

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By far most proven and widely used category of products made by Le Creuset is cast iron. This kind of product is nothing new when it comes to material, elements made of cast iron were used in ancient roman times, but that does not negate their usefulness in modern times. Cast iron is still often chosen thanks to its properties even heating, keeping heat it also can be very versatile even when compared to modern robust space-age materials. The creating iron cast requires a number of steps prior to obtaining the final product. First of those is using sand moulds shaped in desired final product form, at this point there is need for two elements if the cast. One is internal part and the other one is external, in the actual process of casting both parts are connected in such way there is only one small hole left to let the molten materials in. Metals like pig iron are melted at high temperatures to the point at which it turns into liquid and is ready to be poured into the prepared cast. Physical limitations of this process make the final product always unique as it’s impossible to produce exactly the same parts. Sand used for casts can be reused multiple times. The last step in this initial phase of production is cooling all metal parts need to lose all heat before proceeding to the finishing stage. The finishing phase is performed in its majority by hand, all operations must be carried out by the experienced staff. All operations are intended to remove irregularities remaining after the process of casting, this process is called “fettling”. Each of the elements comes into collision with small metal pellets which is aimed at the surface in order to smooth it out. Once the surface is prepared it’s coated with two layers of enamelling, one base layer applied to 840 degree Celsius and the second one this time in colour. The last step in production is drying after which product is ready with its brand new clean, hygienic and resistant finish.

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