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The most popular car brands

PicodiMay 13, 2021

The research team has checked which car brands enjoy the largest amount of interest among internet users in South and North America.

The most desirable car brands revealed

In order to find which cars people want to buy or dream to drive, we have compared the statistics of Google searches for over 60 car brands: premium, middle class and economy.

Which car brands enjoy the largest amount of interest among internet users?

In South and North America, it is Toyota that enjoys the greatest interest. This Japanese brand topped the list of the most popular car manufacturers in 14 countries across the Americas, from Caribbean states (Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda), through Central American Salvador, Honduras and Panama, to Suriname, Guyana and Peru.

Chevrolet took second place as the most popular among internet users in 4 countries. The brand’s biggest fan base can be found in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, as well as in Mexico.

In 3rd place was Volkswagen. This German brand is a leader in Venezuela and in so-called Southern Cone countries like Argentina and Uruguay.

In 4th place, and just missing the podium, were BMW, Honda, Hyundai and Tesla. The American electric car brand is a leader in Canada and in the USA. The German manufacturer is preferred by Belize and Jamaica residents. Car brands from Asia reached the highest interest in Brazil and Guatemala (Honda), as well as in Nicaragua and Paraguay (Hyundai).

The Italian brand Lamborghini is the last company to reach the top in any country. It headed the Haiti list of the most frequently searched car brands.

Methodology and source of statistics

The research was based on a comparison of search queries of 64 car brands in 2017–2021. Historical data was obtained through Google Keyword Planner. The data for Cuba and French Guiana were not available.

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