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The Hut is a huge online department store based in the UK and is a part of the multi-website and multi-category The Hut Group that has been created in 2004 to satisfy the needs of all the people across the United Kingdom shopping for all the possible goods available online.

The Hut is only one of the 16 different websites belonging to The Hut group, but without a doubt it is the biggest when it comes to the variety of products on offer. The Hut presents a typical department store look, with the website endowed with many various categories listed on the main page so the customer can choose from anything he or she longs for. Entering the, you can be basically sure that you will find anything you need - from clothing to home furniture and accessories.

Although the prices you will find at The Hut are already mouth-watering, even for such popular brands as Adidas, Nike and Sony, you still have a chance to save even more money while shopping at The Hut. How? It is very easy: by visiting the shop's section at Picodi and using our discount codes as well as deals that are updated a few times every week. Below you will find a useful and easy-to-grasp tutorial on how to use The Hut promotional codes and deals shared by our Picodi specialists.

How to use The Hut discount codes

Now you know that you want to purchase something, or a lot of things at The Hut and you surely can't wait to do it. But before you do it - ask yourself a simple question: do I want to pay the regular price, be like everybody else and spend the same? Or maybe, just maybe, I want to enjoy my purchased The Hut products at a reduced price? If it's the latter, search for The Hut at and enjoy our long list of voucher codes and deals available to use at the store.

Now you have found The Hut on our page, you are finally here. It is time to encounter two types of buttons. You will quickly notice that they differ slightly.

Reveal the Code button

means that we will have to enter the Hut discount code to get the reduced price

Get the Deal button

means that the promotion code is actually not needed to buy something at a discounted price, because many products are already at new, lower prices.

To avoid any misunderstandings, every code listed in the section has information with it referring to products it can be used on. Now, since you are sure that you want to purchase something at The Hut with a price reduction, left-click on the voucher code or deal of your interest.

Once you've clicked on the selected coupon, a new window with the shop's website will open in your browser and, additionally, you will see a box with the revealed The Hut discount code. Click on the "Copy this code" button. Now you have it. Now you can go and choose whatever you are searching for at The Hut and use your discount code to pay less for selected products.

You have your code now - you will pay less for something you really fancy. Browsing The Hut, you will find tons of different categories enabling you to shop such products as:

  • Fashion
  • Electricals
  • Gifts
  • Toys
  • Home and Garden
  • Beauty and Fragrance

We are at To proceed with your money-saving process, you have to choose some products and add them to your basket. Let's say you fancy this Nintendo 3DS XL console. Select the quantity you want and then add it to your shopping basket by clicking "Buy now".

The Hut online store

When you are done with your shopping, click on "My Basket" link that is located in the top right-hand corner of the The Hut website. Once you are redirected to your basket, you will see all the items you wish to purchase and just below them, a lovely box with a question next to it "Got a discount code? Enter it here:". You've got The Hut discount code, yes! Enter it in the box, click the "Add" button and then, once you are 100% sure that you are done with your shopping at The Hut, click the "Go to checkout" button.

The Hut code box

That's pretty much it, dear user. Now you are free to go with your payment procedures and then wait for your purchased goods to be delivered to your door. We do hope that with our help, and the use of our The Hut voucher discount or deals, you've managed to save a nice chunk of money. If you have, spread the word and share the news about Picodi with your friends!

Have you saved much money while using our The Hut discount codes during your shopping expedition at the store? You must have. If you really enjoyed that, feel free to visit our other partner's department stores - Boohoo, Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser. We assure you that we have just as good deals and voucher codes for these!

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