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How did the prices of fruits and vegetables change in the United Kingdom?

PicodiAugust 17, 2022

Despite of the harvest time, many countries noted an increase in the price of goods, including food. analysts examined how the prices of the most popular fruits and vegetables have changed and created a ranking for 94 countries.

Prices of fruits and vegetables worldwide

In the comparison, we included the prices of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, oranges, bananas and apples.

Of all 94 countries included in this ranking, the most significant price increase of these products can be experienced in Turkey. Here, the price of fruits and vegetables mentioned above increased by 72.2% in the span of seven months. The price of tomatoes increased the most – 121%.

Belarus and Russia are ranked second and third – with prices increasing by 33.4% and 27.3%, respectively. In Belarus, tomatoes increased in price the most (52%), while in Russia, the highest price increase can be seen in the case of potatoes (45%).

The UK ranked 75th in the ranking and the average prices of fruits and vegetables increased only by 2.1%. Compared with the prices in January, the price of tomatoes increased the most (8.9%).

Contrary to the general tendency, in the ranking, there are also countries in which the products mentioned above became cheaper, e.g. Dominicana, Ecuador and Bolivia. In these countries, fruits and vegetables became cheaper by 5%, 5% and 8%, respectively. However, in Ecuador and Dominicana, lettuce prices increased.

Ranking the price increase of each product separately, apple prices increased the most in Andorra (+82%), whereas bananas increased the most in Belarus (+48%). Oranges (+50.5%), tomatoes (+122%), onions (+73%), potatoes and lettuce (+84% each) increased in price the most in Turkey.

Prices of fruits and vegetables worldwide in 2022

Prices in the UK

As mentioned above, from all of the considered fruits and vegetables, tomatoes became the most expensive. In January, the price of 1 kg of tomatoes was £1.80, and in July – £1.96. Other products increased in price slightly:

  • potatoes – from £1.07/kg to £1.08/kg (+0.9%)
  • apples – from £1.83/kg to £1.87/kg (+2.2%)
  • oranges – from £1.69/kg to £1.73/kg (+2.4%)
  • bananas – from £1.08/kg to £1.10/kg (+1.9%)

Lettuce became slightly cheaper – from £0.71/head to £0.70/head (−1.4%). Onion prices remained the same (£0.97/kg).

This gives us an average rise in prices of 2.1%.

How did the prices of fruits and vegetables change in 2022

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Methodology and sources

The prices of products included in this research are from, where hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide monitor the prices of products and services. The average rise in price was calculated for 1 kg of oranges, bananas, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and apples, and 1 head in case of lettuce.

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