KFC Deals 2019: 3 Krunch Burgers & 3 Drinks For As Low As Rs. 595

Triple treat is here! Order a meal at KFC Pakistan and do not overpay! Click on the landing page to make use of the offer now!


KFC Deals: Triple Treat For Only PKR 595

Order this special meal! Get 3 Krunch Burgers + 3 regular drinks for as low as PKR 595.

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KFC Deals: 2 Zingers + 2 Regular Drinks For As Low As 795

Order 2 Awesome! Grab 2 Zingers and 2 regular drinks for only Rs 795.

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Special Offers Available the Nearest KFC Restaurant

Ready for the special discounts on your favourite chickens? Click to find the nearest KFC restaurant with this easy to use locator.

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KFC coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Archive offer Special Deal At KFC: Triple Treat For Only Rs. 595

Meet with friends at KFC and order Triple Treat for just Rs. 595. Taste delicious snacks for so cheap! Don't miss out!
  • expired: 2019-10-06

Archive offer KFC Deals: Mingle Bucket For As Low As PKR 390

Order Hot Wings + Fries Bucket for only PKR 390. Head for the landing page to run through the rest of the offer.
  • expired: 2019-09-27

Archive offer KFC Deals: Arabian Delight For As Low As PKR 330

Head for the landing page to get 1 Pc. chicken + 1 Arabian Rice + 1 regular drink + Vietnamese sauce for only PKR 330.
  • expired: 2019-09-28

Archive offer KFC Deals: Krunch Trilogy For Only Rs. 570!

Order 3 Krunch Burgers + 3 regular Drinks for as low as Rs. 570. You do not need any promo code here. Just head for the landing page to make use of the offer.
  • expired: 2019-09-02

Archive offer KFC Deals: The Zinger Trio For Only Rs. 995

Grab 3 Zingers + 1 bucket of fries + 3 regular drinks for as low as Rs. 995!
  • expired: 2019-09-20

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I like KFC taste standard and deals I like it very much
Good food

More about KFC:

Would you like to have a bite or a great feast, but you don’t have a lot of time and you budget is limited. You do not have to eat in unknown places where you are not sure of the quality of the food, you can always go to the KFC restaurant, which offers its clients multiple poultry products including world’s best class chicken nuggets. And what’s more, sometimes they organise special promotions and sales for their clients, with them you will be satiated and your wallet will not notice any big difference. KFC is one of the biggest and the most popular brands on the market. They serve chicken products at the best quality.

KFC logo

History of KFC

KFC was founded in 1940 by Harland Sanders, who in the future became the symbol and the first face of the whole enterprise. His image is known all over the world. It is said that its success KFC owes to the specially combined set of herbs which are unknown even until now and the recipe is top secret. The first KFC outside the State of Kentucky was created in 1952 and from then until now the company has grown to the point that they now have over 16 thousands of restaurants all over the world. The KFC restaurant, which means Kentucky Fried Chicken, has its chains opened in 109 countries and in each of them, they serve the same recipe created 40 years ago. Every day the restaurant serves their products to millions of people. Apart from the high quality of the meat and herbs, they also attract the customers with coupons, discounts, sales and special events.

KFC chicken

KFC in Pakistan

The first restaurant in Pakistan under this brand was opened in 1997 in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and since that moment they have become the leader on the market in this category. There are more than 60 restaurants in the Pakistan, they are located in 18 major cities such as KFC Karachi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Sukkur and Murree. The company plays a big role in the nationwide development of the industry and services. The income from the taxes every month is 10 million just from the KFC restaurants.

95% of the components used to produce food in KFC are produced in Pakistan which also brings a lot of income to the nation, the same is with the packing materials.

KFC consumer choice award 2016

The quality in the restaurants

KFC takes care that delivered meals meet strict production standards. Comparing to the other restaurant this one do not mince meat, they serve it cut into pieces. Each of them is handmade dipped in butter just before serving. All in the same secret coating. KFC is also known for that the chicken comes from their private breeding or from the high-quality farms in every country. All this made KFC one of the leaders of fast food on the international market.

The secret recipe of 11 herbs is locked in a safe deposit in the headquarter in Kentucky and the secret recipe has never been patented because the company knows that the patents expire. To keep it a secret the oldest collaborators in one laboratory create only a half of it and the second half is created in the other place. A lot of scientists tried to scientifically discover what the real mixture is but so far they have never succeeded.

KFC Pakistan Krunch burger

KFC coupons and discounts

KFC is well-known not only because of the taste of the chicken but also because of the special coupons and promotions which they offer their customers all around the world. On this website, you will find coupons available on the market that will reduce the price of your order. Use them in your local restaurant or in the delivery service. You can also avail lower prices by checking the KFC Deals.

KFC family meal festival

Delivery service

All the products from the KFC’s menu can now be delivered to your doorstep. Visit the ordering website and choose online what you want, finalise the online payment and wait for the delivery man. Enjoy your fresh and tasty chicken!

KFC Black Friday

Every year KFC prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 can be found on dedicated special pages.