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CompareHero Credit Card Promotion: FREE 20” + 24” Condotti Luggage Bags


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CompareHero Promotion: Morphy Richards Toaster with Standard Chartered Credit Cards


24 Inch Trolley Bag with your Standard Chartered Credit Card


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Take control of your personal finances and start planning your own financial roadmap.
  • expired: 2018-06-05

Find the best personal finance products and start saving money. Choose between 300+ products for FREE at CompareHero Malaysia.
  • expired: 2018-07-25

Apply now for a credit card and receive a 24 Inch Santa Barbara Trolley Bag from CompareHero upon activation of your card. This promotion applies for the following Standard Chartered cards:
  • expired: 2017-11-30

Apply for any Standard Chartered Bank credit card through by 31 October 2017 and you will receive a complimentary Morphy Richards Accents 4 Slice Toaster worth RM369 upon approval and activation of the card.
  • expired: 2018-03-22

Find the best personal finance products and start saving money. Choose between 300+ products for FREE at CompareHero Malaysia.
  • expired: 2018-01-03

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CompareHero promo codes

The times when you had an insufficient choice of services, and product providers are long gone. With digitalisation of the world, we can now access a multitude of companies that can offer their new and existing customers a variety of products and services which are tailored specifically to their needs. How do you find your way in all of that? Simply use Compare Hero and see where it takes you next time you want to choose or switch your vendor.

Services available at CompareHero

Picodi is all about the quality. The quality of service, of the product, of the experience. The platform serves its users by giving them new offers and deals every day. With such a varied catalogue of promotions, nothing will stop you from cheaper shopping and accessing all of the items you wish to have. Just subscribe and see what you can do!

Find your Hero

Finance products are tricky. Each person on the face of the earth has got different needs and requires different things from their service providers. This is why one or two types of bank accounts or loans just won’t do anymore. If you want to find a great value for money without having to go out to multiple outlets and wasting time, Compare Hero is the best for you.

Use the CompareHero app

The use of the website is entirely free. You can compare personal loans, credit cards, savings accounts and broadband options. Everything that an ordinary person needs every single day has been gathered in one place for you to choose. What exactly is that and how does it work?

In a nutshell, you start by telling the platform what it is precisely that you need. Once you have stated all the factors which are essential for you, the platform will compare the products available on the website. You can then take your time to analyse what you see and perhaps change your requirements a little. Stay flexible because you might do better if you’re open to changes! Finally, once you have decided, you can choose the product that best responds to your needs.

Get the best credit card for yourself

Those who haven’t dealt a lot with financial products in the past might get a little overwhelmed with all the vocabulary related to them. Compare Hero has got a solution for you if you belong to this group. Simply refer to the glossary attached to each category, and you will be able to read the offers like a pro

If you want to become more knowledgeable regarding finances and financial products, you can refer to the website’s blog. It will give you tons of useful information on how to choose products and services and what are the most important things to look out for. It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you live – knowing is better than being ignorant when it comes to financial matters. If you want to learn more about credit cards because you have never had one and you want to – see what it is and what are the pros and cons of having it. If you travel by plane on a regular basis, check which frequent flyer programme might be best for you and how to look for one. And what is the deal with all that cryptocurrency? It’s explained right in the Compare Hero’s blog.

Savings deposits at CompareHero

Compare Hero coupons

Use Compare Hero and choose the best products for much less. Just:

  • Subscribe to Picodi and visit the platform whenever a new deal is published. When you’re here, browse all the promotions and see if any of them strikes you as the best one.
  • Click on the deal and if there is a coupon code, just save it. Go to Compare Hero’s website to start looking for the right product.
  • Use the browser on the website to state your requirements and proceed according to instructions. Remember that if you don’t understand anything, you can always refer to the glossary available on the website or contact them directly.
  • If you have a coupon code, enter it when required. When you decide you want the product, follow the instructions and confirm your details.


Broadband at CompareHero

That’s it! And you’ve done it all by yourself. Just think how much money you have saved! Try more with Lenovo and Althea.