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Price of fruits in Hong Kong and around the world

PicodiJune 4, 2020 analysis team checked prices of the most popular fruits in 98 countries and ranked places from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Apples and oranges

Where in the world the prices of the fruits are the highest?

Among 98 investigated countries, Hongkongers pay almost the most in the world for apples – on average HK$30.24 for 1 kilogram. Even more expensive are Puerto Rico (HK$48.47/kg), South Korea (HK$ 48.68/kg), and Japan (HK$53.36/kg). On the other side of the ranking are European countries like Poland (HK$5.83/kg), Turkey (HK$5.63/kg) and the cheapest country — Ukraine (HK$5.28/kg).

As for bananas, Hong Kong placed 88th with an average price of HK$17.49 for 1 kilogram. It is similar to France where banana lovers would pay around HK$17.13 per kilogram, and Sweden — HK$17.49. The cheapest price was noted in Pakistan, Colombia, and India (HK$4.30, 5.00, and 5.20 respectively).

When it comes to the price of oranges, Hong Kong placed the lowest out of the three fruits — 93rd place out of 98 with the average price of HK$26.35. The nation which can enjoy the cheapest oranges is Egyptians (HK$3.53/kg), while Japanese — again — would have to pay the biggest price (HK42.12/kg)

For the currency conversion, we used the average Google Finance rates for May 2020. Compared to the previous year, the price increase for these three fruits ranges from 18 to 24%. The after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic may lead to a rapid price change.


Price of fruits come from where the data is gathered by hundred thousands of internet users from all over the world. For the local currency conversion, we used the average Google Finance rates for May 2020.

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