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How much does a date cost?

PicodiFebruary 9, 2022 analysts have calculated how much money you need to spend on a date in various cities around the world.

Priceless moments

The study covered 56 capitals and large cities of the world. The contractual date consisted of a dinner at a restaurant, a bottle of wine and cinema tickets.

Zurich, Oslo and Helsinki are the most expensive cities in this report. The price of a romantic evening out in the city ranges from $184 to $226.

Hong Kong ranked in the more expensive half of the ranking—12th from the top. In Hongkong, a dinner for two in a mid-price restaurant with wine and cinema screening costs HK$1,120 ($144). Similar prices can be found in London, Singapore and Sydney. On the other hand, in New York such a date would cost $175.

The cheapest cities from a dating perspective are Bogota and Istanbul. A similar romantic evening in these cities costs $48 and $44.

Price of a date


The ranking takes into account the prices of a three-course dinner in a mid-price restaurant with a bottle of wine and the prices of standard tickets to network cinemas for a 2D evening screening at the weekend. The average exchange rates from the first half of January 2022 according to Google Finance were used to convert the local currencies.

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