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About Waterstones

Founded in 1982 by Tim Waterstone (after whom the company was named), Waterstones is one of the largest British bookselling retail chains with over 300 stores across the UK. Headquartered in London, the bookshop operates its stores in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland. In 2008, the Waterstones company has been awarded the 'Bookselling Company of the Year' for its business activity and quality book offer.

Waterstones logo

Waterstones is the third largest bookshop in the world and one of the most reputable ones. The Waterstones’ famous motto:

"A good book will keep you fascinated for days. A good bookshop for your whole life"

has rapidly become known for its universal message that all the bookworms can agree with.

Waterstones promotional codes

When it comes to the Waterstones selling tactics, there are a few critics who complain that Waterstones “lost its soul” and undermines the position of independent bookstores by offering Waterstones discount codes and discounts on books. But really, can we, voracious readers and customers, complain about that? Of course not! Indeed, Waterstones prouds itself on being one of the biggest and at the same time one of the cheapest bookshops in the UK. Their price reductions, including 30% off bestselling paperbacks, 30% off historical fiction or 10% off student discount are just a few tempting promotional offers you can find while browsing at Waterstones.

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Waterstones deals and promotions

Waterstones offers a broad range of book categories dedicated to every bookworm in the world:

  • biography,
  • crime,
  • children's travel,
  • fiction,
  • food and drink,
  • education.

These are just an example of categories you can find at Waterstones. As you can see, regardless of your age and preferences, you will find something for yourself, and we can guarantee, the price will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

Are you a kindle fan? You must know then that Waterstones, in addition to a regular paperback book offer, provides its customers with an opportunity to buy the most loved eBook reader, famous Kindle Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire 7", Kindle Fire HD 7" and Kindle Fire HD 8.9". In its offer Waterstones also includes a range of wonderful kindle covers and cases that you can order online and have it delivered FREE together with your Kindle! Beautiful Waterstones Kindle covers will make a wonderful addition to your favourite reading tool, making it look more personal.

If you are a curious reader who wants to be up to date with the latest bestselling books, visit the bestsellers category and see what the Waterstones’ readers buy and read most often. On the left you will see 10 top selling titles.

Shopping at Watersones

Do you prefer online books shopping to walking around a bookstore and getting lost among the shelves? Waterstones’ user-friendly online bookstore is a perfect solutions for those impatient book-shoppers who always wander around the bookstore and always get lost trying to find the book they came to buy. We know the feeling. That is why we highly recommend shopping with Waterstones which in addition to a broad offer and affordable prices, offers loads of attractive deals, promotions and codes. To make use of the wide range of vouchers, follow our brief instruction:

Waterstones online store

How to use Waterstones promotion codes

STEP 1: Open

Open and search for Waterstones. Already there? Then take a good look at the list of Waterstones promo codes, deals and promotions.

STEP 2: Click the button

As you can see, there are two types of buttons under each promotion. The REVEAL THE CODE button means that there is code that reduces the total price of your purchase. The GET THE DEAL buttons indicates that there is a general temporary promotion at Waterstones available to all its customers. You don’t need a voucher code to get the discounts.

Reveal the Code

means that we will have to enter the Waterstones voucher code

Get the Deal

means that the code is not needed.

STEP 3: Pick your deal

Fine, now you can pick the promotion you like. Click the button and you will be redirected to the Waterstones website. Remember your Waterstones promotional code because you will need it at checkout. We will be there in a moment.

STEP 4:  Choose your favourite Waterstones product

Now is the best part – picking up your book. Let’s go to the list of the Waterstones’ bestsellers for an inspiration. Well, Gillian Flynn latest book entitled Gone Girl is a book everyone is talking about. Being. ‘Thriller of the Year’, Gone Girl seems a good atmospheric novel for a cold September night.

Waterstones book

STEP 5: Go to the shopping basket

Click the ADD TO BASKET BUTTON to be redirected to the checkout site. As you can see, at Waterstones you can have your book delivered free to your door or you can collect your order in the nearest Waterstones bookstore. The choice is yours and depends on your preferences.

STEP 6: Enter Waterstones promo code

You are notified that “the item has been added to your basket”. Now you can continue shopping or go straight to your basket.

shopping basket at Waterstones

STEP 7: Double check your order

In the basket you can see the summary of our order. You are interested, though, in the magical box where you can enter the promo code! Waterstones asks you kindly: “If you have a Waterstones promotional code please enter it here”. Enter your promo code and click USE PROMO CODE to make it work.

Waterstones promo code box

STEP 8: Pick preferred payment method

You are asked to choose your preferred payment method as well as you to give your credit card data. After ensuring that all data you gave are correct, you can confirm the transaction.

STEP 9: Enjoy your purchase!

The code is working and the total price of your order is reduced. Now, depending on what you chose before, you can do two things. Relax, make a cup of tea, and finish the book you are currently reading because your next favourite book is on its way to you! Or you can wait till Waterstones notifies you that your order is waiting for you in the chosen Waterstones bookshop.


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Meantime, Watch the Series of Interviews made by Waterstones. Writers tell their favourite books. Enjoy!

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