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Which online supermarket in the UK offers the best delivery terms?

PicodiAugust 29, 2023

Brits are no longer just buying electronics and clothing online – grocery shopping with home delivery has become popular as well. This can be proven by the increasing selection of online supermarkets and their growing reach.

In this article, we check out the buying conditions at major stores where you can buy, among other things, grocery products.

Which British supermarkets offer home delivery services?

There are two different types of supermarkets which offer home delivery. The first type consists of supermarkets which have traditional, physical stores, but also offer their products in their online counterparts. Those are supermarkets such as Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Iceland.

The second type consists of stores, which offer their products only online, such as Ocado.

What are the terms of home delivery in online supermarkets?

Let’s take a closer look at the terms of delivery in British supermarkets.

How much does delivery from Tesco cost?

Tesco offers its delivery services in all of the UK, with the delivery costing between £3 and £7. Free delivery is offered as a subscription-only service. It is also worth noting that there is no minimum order value, however, all orders under £50 will be additionally charged.

ASDA delivery cost

ASDA delivers to selected postcodes throughout the UK, with delivery costs depending on your location. Just as in Tesco, free delivery is offered as a subscription service. Similarly to Tesco, ASDA has no minimum order value, with orders under £40 having an additional charge.

Delivery cost in Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s offers its delivery service across all of the UK. Orders under £40 have a delivery fee of £7. On orders over £40, you’ll have to pay a delivery fee amounting up to £5.50, depending on your location. Sainsbury’s has a minimum order value of £25.

Morrisons delivery fees

Morrisons delivers to select postcodes throughout the UK, with delivery fees depending on your location. The minimum order value in Morrisons is £25, and the store does not offer free delivery.

Ocado home delivery service

Ocado delivers its products in England and parts of Wales. Delivery costs depend on your location and order value, varying from £0.99 up to £6.99. The minimum order value in Ocado is £40. It is worth noting that Ocado offers free delivery on orders over £75.

Where does Iceland deliver and how much does it cost?

Iceland delivers to select postcodes in the UK, with delivery fees depending on your location. The minimum order value in Iceland is £25, with free delivery on orders over £40.

Which online store should you choose?

Sainsbury’s and Ocado offer their delivery services for the cheapest. Sainsbury’s delivery varies from £1 up to £7, whereas Ocado offers its delivery services for anywhere between £0.99 and £6.99. Iceland is also worth considering, with free delivery on all orders over £40.

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