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New Year’s Eve during the pandemic

PicodiDecember 29, 2020

The end of the year is near and so is New Year’s Eve and the celebration connected with it. Although December is usually full of questions about plans for New Year’s Eve, this year, the pandemic and the restrictions have killed the excitement which was normally associated with the year’s end. This is why we asked Singaporeans how they are going to spend New Year’s Eve and if coronavirus has made them change their plans.

NYE in SIngapore

A survey conducted in early December shows that as much as 52% of Singaporeans had to change their plans because of the pandemic.

The majority of Singaporeans (72.6%) said that they are going to spend New Year’s Eve at home, alone or with their closest relatives. That’s 13.2% more than last year — in 2019, 59.4% of the respondents stayed at home with family.

There’s been a decrease in the number of people who are going to party at home in larger groups. This year, 7.2% of the respondents will celebrate at house parties, with 2.9% organising a house party themselves and 4.3% going to someone else’s house party. Last year, house parties were a lot more popular – with 14.4% of the people surveyed having spent New Year’s Eve in this way.

A small group of people are planning on going to an outdoor event (5.8%) or an organised party at a restaurant (4.3%). Of course, assuming that such events will take place despite the pandemic restrictions.

Understandably, unpopular answer was going abroad — only 10.1% of respondents are planning to leave the country for New Year’s Eve.


The report was based on survey results conducted in early December 2020.

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