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iPhone Index 2020: how many days you would have to work to afford iPhone 12 Pro

Picodioktober 15, 2020

Picodi.com analytics compared iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) prices with the average wages in selected countries in order to count the number of workdays required to buy the new Apple’s flagship.

Global iPhone Index 2020

(click here for the infographic in Swedish)

The official price of iPhone 12 Pro in 128 GB version in Sweden is going to be 12,495 kr. However, buyers will find neither a charger nor earphones in this year’s flagship’s box.

According to the latest SCB data, the average wage in our country amounts to 35,300 kr gross (27,499 kr net). It means that a statistical Swede would have to work for 9.5 days to afford the iPhone 12 Pro. (without eating anything). In comparison with the last year iPhone Index, Sweden’s result deteriorated by 0.7 days.

High earnings in the United States and Switzerland allow to buy the new iPhone in 6.1 and 4.4 days respectively.

The worst score among countries where the iPhone 12 Pro’s price is already known was noted in India: in this country, an average citizen would have to lay aside 54.4 days worth of wages to buy a new iPhone. In Finland and Norway this new gadget is worth 10.5 and 7.7 workdays.

Methodology and sources

The iPhone Index 2020 has been calculated on the basis of iPhone 12 Pro prices announced publicly on local Apple or authorised seller websites. The average salaries come from the countries’ official ministry or statistical office pages and are valid for the date of publishing iPhone prices in the respective countries. Net wages were obtained using local salary calculators. Monthly salaries were divided by 21 — the average number of workdays in a month. In countries where statistical offices use weekly wages, we divided the salary by 5.

Public Use

Data from the report ‘iPhone Index”, including infographics, can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. We only ask to indicate the author of the research (Picodi.com) with a link to this subpage.