12.12 پاکستان میں فروخت: خوشبو 1،090 روپے سے!

صرف روپے سے عطورات. 1،090! بہترین برانڈز سے scents کی! ابھی خریداری کرو!


سفید جمعہ فروخت 2019: 21٪ تک آف

وائٹ فرائیڈے .. کیونکہ پاکستان میں جمعے سیاہ نہیں ہوتے! چیزیں خریدیں اور 21٪ تک کی بچت کریں!

ongoing 21

Home Shopping Offer: Gaming Consoles & Accessories From Only Rs 715

Shop for gaming assortment, which is available on Home Shopping's landing page. Do not miss out on this offer!

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Home Shopping Offer: Watches Up To 21% OFF!

Shopping spree! Shop for Casio watches at a reasonable price. Do not overpay - save even 21% now! No promo code is needed to make use of this discount.

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Bank Alfalah Promo Code: Get Instant Rs. 500!

Sign up on Alfa App and use the given promo code. You will receive a discount code worth Rs. 500. First come, first served.

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Interest-Free Installments!

Enjoy interest-free installments while shopping for products from Home Shopping! Click on the landing page to get familiar with the offer.

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Home Shopping Offer: Laptops From Only Rs 14,000

Visit Home Shopping to find laptops starting from as little as Rs 8,500. Head to the landing page to browse the best special offers.

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Home Shopping Offer: Defence Day Deals / Up To 17% OFF

Explore Defence Day deals! Click on the given page to shop for the selected assortment. Make use of this offer and save even 17%. No promo code is needed.

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Home Shopping Offer: Even 45% Off On Selected Tablets

Shop for selected tablets at Home Shopping and get even 45% off. Click to start bargain shopping at Home Shopping!

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Daily Deals At Home Shopping: Save Even 35%!

Head for the landing page to enjoy special daily deals. Grab up to 35% off on the selected things.

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Sale At Home Shopping: Oxford Collection Flat 20% OFF!

Shop for men's fashion at Home Shopping and save 20%. Discount will be automatically included in the price.

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Home Shopping Coupon Code: Subscribe For Newsletter & Get R200

Get R200 Home Shopping voucher code on your mailbox by subscribing for the newsletter. Sign up at the bottom of the landing page.

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Home Shopping Offer: Shop Oppo Mobile Phones From Rs. 19,799

Shop Oppo mobiles phones in Pakistan from only Rs. 19,799! No Home Shopping coupon code is required!

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Get R200 on Your First Order with Home Shopping Voucher Code

Place your first order at Home Shopping and get R200 off thanks to this Home Shopping voucher code. Apply the code at checkout. Valid for new customers only.

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The Latest Smartphones From Only R6000: Save Up To 40%

Shop for the latest smartphones at Home Shopping and find products available from as little as R6000. No Home Shopping discount codes required.

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Dell' Laptops Even 15% OFF

Haven't you found the laptop at the reasonable price? Head for the landing page and take advantage of the discount. Save even 15% with Home Shopping' offer.

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Shop for LED TVs & Save Even 20%

Shop selecteed LED TVs at Home Shopping and save up to 20%. Head to the landing page to check all special offers.

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HSN Fashion Up to 20% Off

Check HSN fashion items on sale to get even 20% off. Head to the landing page to browse all Home Shopping special offers.

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Home Shopping Offer: Even 40% Off On Selected Home Appliances

Shop for selected home appliances at to save even 40%. Discount applies automatically to cart.

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Home Shopping Clearance Sale: Save Even 80%

Shop in the Clearance Sale at Home Shopping and save up to 80% on hundreds of products available, including tablets, laptops, smartphones and fashion. No discount code required to avail this offer.

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Home Shopping coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Archive offer 1،090 روپے سے خوشبویات!

صرف روپے سے عطورات. 1،090! بہترین برانڈز سے scents کی! ابھی خریداری کرو!
  • expired: 2019-12-12

Archive offer 1000 رعایت حاصل کریں!

صرف آج! فوری 1000 روپے کا کیش بیک حاصل کرنے کے لئے لنک پر کلک کریں!
  • expired: 2019-12-01

Archive offer ہوم شاپنگ ڈسکاؤنٹ کوڈ: فیشن ، الیکٹرانکس اور مزید پر 62٪ آف + پی کے آر 500 آف حاصل کریں

خریداری اور 62 فیصد رعایت ہے اور اضافی PKR 500 دور تک چھڑانا. اضافی چھوٹ چالو ہوسکتی ہے جب کم سے کم ٹرانزیکشن ویلیو PKR 20،000 اور اس سے زیادہ ہو۔ رعایت حاصل کرنے کے لئے چیکآاٹ پر مذکورہ ہوم شاپنگ واؤچر کوڈ کا استعمال کریں۔
  • expired: 2019-12-07

Archive offer Home Shopping Black Friday Reductions Are on the Way

This autumn, your Black Friday hunt will pay! Save as much as you can at Home Shopping.

  • expired: 2019-12-02

Archive offer Home Shopping Cyber Monday Sale

If Black Friday discounts were not enough for you, Cyber Monday is right around the corner! Shop at Home Shopping and save big!

  • expired: 2019-12-02

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Daraz Voucher Codes: Up To Rs. 10,000 Off

Get all the Daraz voucher codes on the landing page to avail even Rs. 1,000 off your order.

Daraz BD App: Install & Get ৳250 Gift

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Daraz Offer: Electronics Up To 32% OFF!

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Chase Value Centre Offer: Women's Collection From Only Rs. 49

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Picodi Exclusive Promo Code: 10% OFF On Orders Over 100 AED

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موبائل اور اے پی پی کے لئے نئی خریدار کوپن: محفوظ کریں $ 20 $ 219 سے زائد کے احکامات پر بند

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Home Shopping promo code reviews by Picodi users:

No reviews yet :/

More about Home Shopping:

Homeshopping discount codes

With the ever-developing online shopping market in Pakistan, you will probably come across hundreds of stores that claim to be the best but are not really. They may look great but offer products of not the highest quality, don't accept refunds or don't delivery your order on time. That happens in many places but not at - probably the biggest online retail store present in the country.

Homeshopping discount code section

Stats don't lie and 99% of Homeshopping customers - and there are millions of them - have rated the store as fully reliable and safe to do their shopping at. And no wonder - the prime reason for this is because HomeShopping lives for the customers, and not the wealth - "our wealth are our customers" is what they say. And it's hard to argue. Homeshopping specialises mainly in electronics goods because they are currently the most sought after but these are not the only shopping genre available at the store. Apart from such popular products like mobiles, tablets, cameras, televisions, video games, computers and laptops, Homeshopping also offers essental home appliances & music instruments.

Homeshopping product genres

Of course, apart from the electronics stuff there's also place for HSN fashion - a HomeShopping page where you will find the newest fashion trends in apparel, footwear and jewellery for men, women and children. All the products mentioned here are at the best quality possible and available - in most instances - at highly competitive prices. The prices will be available for further discounts if you manage to find working Homeshopping discount code or Homeshopping discount deal at Picodi. And believe us - the chances are big!

Apart from the great news that Homeshopping offers its customers highly discounted promo codes, Homeshopping discount codes are not the only bonus you get from the store if you decide to shop there. If you somehow turn out not fully satisfied with your order, you can always replace it within 7 days of the delivery. The Homeshopping replacement warranty applies to smartphones which probably belong to the most expensive products at the store. That should tell you a lot about how Homeshopping staff feel about creditability and making their customers feel safe. On top of 7-day return period and the advantages of any Homeshopping discount code you may find to reduce the cost of your order, HSN offers 1 year warranty period with every electronic product you purchase at the store.

Homeshopping mobile offers

What are other reasons to choose Homeshopping instead of other store? Homeshopping offers the Price Beating Policy. Don't you dare to think that the store only boasts about having the lowest prices in the Pakistan e-commerce market - it really has. And if you happen to find a product that's cheaper elsewhere, send the link to the Homeshopping team and they will happily lower the price for you and offer you other discounts and discount codes for future use in return.

Apart from the online store that has the bigger number of products available, Homeshopping has many physical stores as well so after coming across a product that you really like, you may check its quality in real life by visiting the nearest Homeshopping retail store in your area. Currently Homeshopping retail stores are available in 4 selected locations: Karachi Outlet, Lahore Outlet, Islamabad Outlet and Peshawar Outlet. Homeshopping plans to expand the number of stores in the nearest future so if you don't happen to live anywhere near them yet – don't worry!

Brands available at Homeshopping

Another thing worth noticing about Homeshopping is the availability of hassle-free COD (Cash On Delivery) without the need of any discount codes and promotional deals – it's available for all customers on all type of orders. That means you can pay for your order only after receiving it at your door and checking if it's 100% satisfactory. Although Homeshopping is an online store we love and for which we usually have many discount codes and coupon deals, it's not the only quality place to shop online. Check out our Goto coupons, Aliexpress coupon codes and Daraz discount codes.  

Every year Home Shopping prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday 2019 can be found on dedicated special pages.