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Humble beginnings


Even though PC Gilmore is now considered to be on of the best leading computer distributors on the market, their recognition wasn’t always that high, just like their name wasn’t always PC Gilmore. They’ve started 20 years ago with a company called Verbatim Computer Centre - a retail shop with regular appearances in the Buy & Sell Magazine. Growing bigger resulted in the necessity to change location, so they moved to Quezon City and started calling themselves West Avenue Computer Centre. The company didn’t stop the expansion process and over the years, they’ve branched out to some more locations in the suburbs of Metro Manila. The name PC Gilmore accompanies them since 2002 - the time when they moved to new location in New Manila, Quezon City. PC Gilmore headquarters are located in a company-owned building at 1st Street Corner Gilmore Avenue. Apart from that, they have three branches and sales offices one at SM North Edsa, 4/F Annex Building another in V-Mall Greenhills and third one in Fishermall, Roosevelt Corner Quezon Avenue. Those centres are staffed with professionals who are well-trained to know everything that there is to know when it comes to consumer electronics.

PC Gilmore branches

Great products available at PC Gilmore

PC Gilmore sells everything that you may need computer-wise, no matter if you are an individual customer, a professional. No matter if you work for small company or big commercial establishment. You can shop for great software at PC Gilmore - operating systems, anti-viruses, firewalls and applications for everyday office work. Hardware too! From something small like parts and accessories to entire ready-to-use systems and computers. Their product range is impressive, but so do their prices. Intel Core Processors at discounted prices, Brother laser printers affordable for everyone with promo codes straight from Picodi. Gamers will appreciate the peripheral section at PC Gilmore, because it features great keyboards from Razor - a company well known in gaming community, but also reliable mouses from A4tech and a Logitech as well as state-of-the-art Epson projectors, which are almost indispensable in every conference room, but are also great at home for some big-screen entertainment. Buy one today, have it shipped to your address and start inviting your friends for amazing movie night that can turn into lan party full of games.

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Tech reviews

What distinguishes them from the competitors are tech reviews. You can find this section in the main menu of PC Gilmore website. Those are articles written by professionals who work for PC Gilmore about certain hardware with descriptions of functions, performance and some clarifications. Take the heart of every computer — a processor. Only a person who is really interested in computers will know the difference between Intel Core i7-6700HQ and i7-4720HQ. But not every customer is a computer geek. The serial numbers are extremely vague, so how to choose the best fit for you? Simply read up on it on PC Gilmore and you will suddenly know that the first one is 20% faster than the latter for average user. That’s just one part of a complicated system, so it gets more difficult to choose a great notebook or a a tablet. Reading tech reviews written by PC Gilmore team will make it very easy to choose between for example MSI C series, MSI GE series or MSI GS series. Every article is written in a straightforward language, so everyone can understand it without any troubles. There are also pictures and visualizations, so everything is not just useful, but also neat and compelling to everyone.

PC Gilmore MSI C series laptop

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