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National Book Store

Are you a real bookworm? Do you like the smell of a new book? Yeah, me too! Would you like to get the bestsellers and new editions right away? Are you interested in getting the best stationery products available? You can have all of these thanks to National Book Store! Check out their website and enjoy your shopping at the Entrepreneur of The Year!

About National Book Store

The company’s logo

The history of National Book Store reaches 1930’s when the first shop ever was opened in Escolta. The offer of the store was quite narrow – supplies, GI novels, and textbooks. Later the war came and the censorship forced the change in products offered to soap, candles, and slippers. After the war, the creators of National Book Store used their own place to live as the store. Although the reopening of the store was timed strategically (the start of the first postwar school, 1948), the shop was destroyed. Although the beginnings of the business were not easy for the owners, they did not give up and the company started growing again.

Mrs. Ramos, the owner of the store, came up to the idea of producing a line of greeting cards and postcards on the basis of Filipino views and artwork. The idea proved to be a hit – later on the owners started to promote Filipino traditions and customs to the rest of the world and they became to be known nationwide. In 1950’s and 1960’s they increased product lines and started to rebuild the store. Next year’s brought the steady expansion of the brand and National Book Store became an institution and the pinnacle of the bookstore industry in the Philippines. Their aims are to provide the highest standards of the customer service, offer a wide range of quality products, create programs for the development of the brand, and undertake community projects.

What can I get at National Book Store?

The company’s offer dedicated to the direct customers

The offer of National Book Store is now very vast. Enter the online shop and you’ll have the menu at the top of the website. Choose the category you’re interested in and look for the perfect match for you! The website gives you several sections, e.g.: Books, E-Books, School & Office Supplies, Workstation, Gifts and more. Pick the category and start shopping! All you have to do is to create an account (right side at the top of the page) and add your items to the cart! As easy as pie!

How to put an item in the cart?

Except from the bestsellers, book, and supplies, the website offers the access to a variety of events. You can have an info about meeting with your favorite writer or go to the book signing! It sounds great! Subscribe for the newsletter and be updated!

When it comes to promos and discounts, all you have to do is to check the online store daily. Every day brings new promos and bargains! Buy more and save money! And if it’s not enough for you, check out Picodi’s deals and coupons dedicated to National Book Store! I’m sure you’ll find something for you! Click on “Get the Deal" and you’ll be directed to the store’s page with promo! Isn’t it awesome?

National Book Store holds some discounts that are exclusive to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season. Visit our dedicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages to stay up to date with the best promos and offers.