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The price of being a gamer: how much money do we need to spend to build a gaming PC?

PicodiDecember 13, 2022 analysts checked the price of computer components and peripherals for PC gamers in 50 countries worldwide and calculated what proportion of the average wage citizens in these countries have to spend on a gaming PC.

The perfect gaming PC

Price of being a gamer

In order to build the perfect gaming set we used Steam’s Hardware Survey to find the most popular PC components in 2022. In Malaysian online stores, the prices of individual components are as follows:

  • Motherboard – 704 RM
  • 6-core CPU – 834 RM
  • RTX 3060 graphics card – 2,289 RM
  • 16 GB of RAM – 514 RM
  • Power supply – 367 RM
  • 1 TB HDD/SSD – 460 RM
  • PC case with good ventilation – 344 RM

However, this is not the only expense that aspiring gamers should be prepared for – purchasing an operating system license is the next step. For Microsoft’s system, future gamers will have to pay 699 RM.

In addition to the PC and the operating system, it is also necessary for gamers to purchase a set of peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset and monitor). Their prices are as follows:

  • Ergonomic gaming mouse – 307 RM
  • RGB keyboard with wrist rest – 336 RM
  • Headset with a microphone – 287 RM
  • 24″ monitor with high refresh rate – 974 RM

In total, a Malaysian person who wants to become a gamer will have to spend 8,115 RM on a PC set.

Apart from the one-time expense on hardware, gamers also spend their money on the newest games on a regular basis. Assuming that an average gamer buys one game a month, annually they will spend 2,556 RM.

How expensive is becoming a gamer in different countries?

Price of being a gamer worldwide

Among the countries included in the ranking, after conversion to euro, Argentinians have to pay the highest price for the gaming PC and set of peripherals – $4,238. The second most expensive country is India ($2,957), followed by Brazil ($2,919) in the third place. The lowest prices can be enjoyed by gamers from Poland, Germany and the USA. In those countries, the gaming PC and a set of peripherals cost $1,547, $1,552 and $1,562 respectively.

In Malaysia, the price of a gaming PC is 8,115 RM or 2.1 of an average wage of 3,828 RM net, which situates Malaysia in the 33rd place of the ranking in terms of PC price to average wage ratio.

In the price comparison with the average net wage, the most favourable ratio can be found in Switzerland (0.3 of an average wage), the USA (0.4) and Australia (0.4). Citizens of Indonesia, Pakistan and Argentina have to face the least favourable ratio. Gamers from those countries will have to spend 8.7, 10.4 and 12.4 of their wages respectively.

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Methodology and sources

In our ranking, we included the average prices of computer components and average prices of gaming peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset and monitor). The most popular components data was taken from Steam Hardware Survey. To determine the average prices for the peripherals, we used prices of the most popular accessories from the most popular companies. Video game prices used in the report come from Steam. The average wages were taken from the countries’ official statistics office websites or other local institutions. Net wages were calculated with local salary calculators.

For currency conversion, we used the average exchange rate data from Google Finance for November 2022.

The list of all the components and peripherals can be found here.

Public use

Both the infographic as well as the statistical data can be used freely for commercial and non-commercial purposes. We only ask you to credit the author of the research ( with a link to this subpage. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us at