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Black Friday 2018 in Malaysia. What do the numbers tell us?

PicodiNovember 12, 2018

Right before the biggest sale season of the year—Black Friday—analysts from conducted research and a survey among Malaysians. The results of the research reveal what we can expect from Black Friday this year. From this report you’ll learn, among other things, if you can trust the sales that will be offered, what’s the consumers’ attitude toward Black Friday and how much Malaysians are going to spend during Black Friday shopping spree which starts on 23rd November.

Expecting large discounts

How Malaysians buy on Black Friday?

Buyers will not waste the opportunity to save money on shopping. 1 out of 4 of the surveyed Malaysians admitted that they’re going to take part in the upcoming Black Friday sales. This is most likely the result of marketing campaigns—only 5 years ago Black Friday in Malaysia didn’t stir up as many emotions as in the USA or the United Kingdom.

There are other numbers that confirm the serious intentions of consumers on that day. 60% of buyers save money just to do shopping. Let’s remember that Black Friday sales are usually associated with electronics and housewares which are the best-selling products. 5% of respondents decided to buy on installments on Black Friday. The remaining 35% declared that they earn enough to afford some bigger shopping.

What are Malaysians going to buy on Black Friday?

During Black Friday, Malaysians are going to do some serious shopping. Most consumers (45%) are going to buy 2-3 products, and 26% are going to go on a shopping spree and buy more than 5 items. What’s more, 59% of buyers already have an idea what’s going to end up in their baskets. This can be due to the infinite number of guides to what’s worth buying and how to find the biggest discounts.

Black Friday symbolically opens the season of pre-Christmas sales. That’s why it’s a great opportunity for those who start searching for gifts in advance. 12% of consumers will take advantage of Black Friday exactly for this purpose—to buy Christmas gifts. However, in Malaysia Black Friday is an occasion to get a present for yourself (77% of respondents chose this answer) or to buy something for your household (20%).

Are sales real?

What do Malaysians think of Black Friday sales?

Multiple reports about fake sales have no effect on experienced clients. 91% of respondents claim that they can find the real discounts among all the Black Friday offers and only 9% say that the sales are fictional and unworthy of the attention of consumers. Let’s remind that according to the last year’s statistics the average discount during Black Friday in Malaysia reached 61%.

What does an average shopper look like?

The portrait of Black Friday shopper in Malaysia

The results of the surveys show that an average woman will spend more money on sales than an average man: 206 MYR and 75 MYR respectively.

Which age group is the most interested in Black Friday discounts? To check this out, we looked at last year’s statistics and compared the number of visits to our website on a regular Friday and on Black Friday. We noted a huge increase in traffic among all age groups. However, the biggest interest was among people aged 55-64 and 45-54: the growth of traffic reached 1164% and 451% respectively.

The statistics also say that mobile devices dominated desktops. 52% of consumers did their shopping on mobile phones on Black Friday, 4% used tablets and 44% used desktops.

Black Friday in numbers

  • 91% of respondents trust sales and can find the real discounts
  • 4 out of 10 customers participating in Black Friday don’t know what they’re going to buy yet and will buy things with attractive discounts
  • 60% of respondents save money to take part in Black Friday
  • 45% are going to buy 2-3 products on sales

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In the report, we used internal statistical data of the discount platform as well as the results of the survey conducted between 25th and 31th October 2018.

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