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Black Friday 2017

PicodiNovember 27, 2017

Black Friday went beyond expectations in 2017. On 24 November 2017 consumers’ activity increased on average by 624% when compared to an ordinary day. Last year the increase was 619%. The most active users came from Pakistan where the number of transactions surged by 11525%. Buyers from Hungary (9750%), Italy (4516%), and Greece (2600%) are also well worth mentioning.

Increase in transactions on Black Friday

Unsurprisingly, South African consumers were buying more actively than usual too. The number of sales increased by 2571% on the day of Black Friday. This is, however, a less impressive number than during Black Friday 2016 when the increase in transactions was a staggering 1050%.

Black Friday in numbers: Malaysia

An average value of Malaysian cart reached RM134.39. Which is more by RM8.21 comparing year to year (RM126.18). An average discount percentage during Black Friday reached 61%. That brought RM114 in savings. Cumulatively, Malaysian consumers saved RM1,265,941 thanks to Picodi website.

The most popular categories this year were Electronics, Airline & Fashion. When it comes to the most popular shops, Lazada, Emirates & Zalora took the three top spots.

As for the devices used for online shopping most of people in Malaysia preferred smartphones (52.35%) over desktop computers and laptops (43.64%). Tablets were used by 4.01% of shoppers.


We analysed our internal traffic and transaction data for Black Friday. Our metrics include data from each of the countries where Picodi currently offers its services to users.

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