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How often do you book a taxi? Probably not so often because there are other, cheaper modes of transportation. On the other hand, taxis are very convenient when you’re in a hurry or for some reason you don’t want to use public transport. How do you combine the two features and get the best result? It’s simple – you call Uber! The relatively new type of transportation that will help you get where you need to be for less money.

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What is Uber?

In a nutshell, Uber is your solution to transportation issues when it comes to combining the cost of public modes as well as a convenience that comes from taking a taxi. With such approach, you can order your car, pay less money than you would for a regular taxi and get to your destination at the appropriate time. Why is it so popular?

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It started out in the U.S. where it offered the alternative to all those who didn’t want to wait for their taxi for hours and they wanted to share a car to limit the cost. So when is the best time to use Uber, then? Imagine you are at a social gathering and you cannot go home in your own car. Waiting for a taxi would take a long time and the buses don’t operate as often anymore. Uber is the best way to share a ride with others and to get home affordably.

Another instance is when you have an important meeting to go to. You cannot be late at any cost and you need assurance you will get there on time. Uber can help you in getting to your destination on time and you know up front how much you are going to pay. What if you have a long way to go and you would have to change buses in the meantime? Get your friends to share the ride with you so that you can split the cost of getting to the city centre and back.

How does it work?

How is all of the above even possible? It’s easy – when you state your location, your Uber App will find you the nearest driver. The distance between you and them is limited at the start which means you get into the car much faster. Find your way around Uber’s website and see which features are the best for you.

Uber doesn’t just make it possible for the riders to save money. It also gives people an opportunity to earn their living or supplement their earnings. When you subscribe to become a driver, you can work hours that suit you best and in the area that suits you best. It’s perfect for students, parents who cannot afford to go back to their full-time jobs or those who have already retired for some reason but want to get a bit more money. Such a solution is excellent especially if you like working with people and you’re generally outgoing. Not only you get to meet them but you can also get money for it!

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