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How much time do you need to become a millionaire?

PicodiApril 12, 2023

People who have been professionally active for many of years rarely think about how much money they have earned throughout those years. That is why in this study, analysts calculated how many years of work are required to make 1 million dollars in different countries while earning an average wage.

How much time do we need to become a millionaire

102 countries were included in our ranking. If we sum up all the money an average employee takes home, citizens of Switzerland will earn their first million the fastest – 14 years and 3 months. The second place belongs to Singapore with 16 years and 11 months. Citizens of Luxembourg have to work 5 months more – 17 years and 4 months. The USA and Iceland close out the top 5 with 19 years and 10 months and 20 years and 11 months respectively.

In this ranking, Canada ranked 12th – an employee earning the average wage will need 27 years and 10 months to make a million dollars. With this result, Canada overtook countries such as New Zealand (by 6 months), the UK (by 2 years) and South Korea (by 9 years). On the other hand, Australian workers will earn their first million 3 years faster (8th – 24 years and 3 months), and there is an 8-year gap between Canada and the US (4th – 19 years and 10 months).

A million dollars is worth over 500 years of work in Nigeria (519 years and 1 month), Uganda (523 years and 3 months), Egypt (603 years and 6 months) and Pakistan (621 years and 3 months).

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Methodology and sources

The average monthly net wage data comes from Numbeo, where thousands of users worldwide monitor wages through monthly questionnaires. For currency conversion, we used the average exchange rate data from Google Finance for March 2023.

All data used in this study can be found in a chart here (↓.pdf).

Public use

Both the infographics as well as the statistical data can be used freely for commercial and non-commercial purposes. We only ask you to credit the author of the research ( with a link to this subpage. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at