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More about PC Case Gear:

PC Case Gear logo

Building a computer is easy. Just start with choosing a motherboard with any peripherals that you’ll need. Then choose a graphic card that will be able to run your favourite games. And a processor with necessary computing power to control all parts like our brain controls our bodies. Solid state drive or regular hard disk drive? That depends on your preferences and what is most important to you - lower price or faster transfers? Oh, and of course the type of connectors on your motherboard, because Sata III disks won’t work at their full speed with motherboard that supports only Sata II. But there are also other connectors like mSata, PCI-e, m.2 and different sizes - 2,5 inches, 3,5 inches and more. Which one will fit the case that you’ve bought? Uff, but when you finish with this, all you need to connect now is RAM memory. Just don’t mix two different speeds. What? RAM has got different speeds? Gee, better read all there is about PC1600, PC2700 and dozen other types, because choosing the wrong one could cause instability of your computer just like choosing the wrong type could end up in your brand new ram not fitting into your motherboard. Ah, and the most important part - always remember to use the anti-static grounded wristband, because even a simple spark from static electricity can fry electronics in those fragile computer parts. Ehhh, so we guess it’s not so easy to build your computer after all. That’s a good thing that you don’t have to, right? Besides, why bother with such a trouble when you can simply go to PC Case Gear - Australia’s premiere online pc store and choose one of their pre-built systems.

PC Case Gear came into being in the year 2000 and since then, it has become one of Australia’s most popular computer stores with delivery to almost anywhere in Australia and low prices possible thanks to their bulk buying power. Apart from pre-build desktop computers, monitors and notebooks, PC Case Gear also sells standalone parts and peripherals for those who know what are they doing.

PC Case Gear products

And those who don’t can simply ask - you can always send a message with an inquiry if you are not sure about compatibility of certain pieces with your current setup. They don’t offer any additional discounts for large orders, and even though this might seem like a downside, it’s actually an advantage if you stop to think about it. Do you know why they don’t offer special offers for bulk buying? Simply because they offer the best possible deal from the very start for everyone. No matter how much stuff are you going to buy. Choosing the best hardware is not easy and that’s why PC Case Gear provides very detailed description of every item that they sell with high resolution photographs, video presentations and a place to leave your feedback.

PC Case Gear product page with detailed description

But computers are not only a combination of hardware and software. After all, out live revolve around technology, we spend our lives in front of a computer and we love our devices, so much that we want to always keep them close. At PC Case Gear, you can actually shop for something more than computers. You can, for instance, buy a great gaming chairs that will turn those hours of fun during gaming into a very comfortable experience.

Gaming chair

Or wearable tech, which we gladly introduce into our lives. A smartwatch that will gently inform you about any incoming calls, a fitness band that will keep track of your activity during the day and remind you to take a break from work or virtual reality sets that wrapped around your head will take you straight into the world of any game. You can find this and many more interesting stuff at PC Case Gear website or other similar stores like scorptech, Microsoft Store or GearBest.