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How much money is spent on groceries in the UK and other countries?

PicodiAugust 17, 2023 analyst team checked the statistical data from 105 countries and calculated how much money people spend on their groceries worldwide.

Spendings on food worldwide

The collected data shows that, depending on a country, grocery spendings can vary from a few percent up to over half of consumer spending. For example, less than a tenth of spending on food and non-alcoholic beverages consumed at home can be found in countries such as the USA – 6.7%, Singapore – 8.4%, the UK – 8.7%, Ireland – 9.2% and Switzerland – 9.9%.

In this ranking, the UK ranked 3rd out of 105 countries – food and non-alcoholic beverages make up 8.7% of spending on goods and services. This result is similar to the one in Singapore (8.4%), Ireland (9.2%) and Switzerland (9.9%).

Among the countries included in the ranking, the highest percentage of spending on groceries can be found in Nigeria, Myanmar and Kenya – 59%, 56.6% and 56.1% respectively.

How much money is spent on groceries in Europe?

The highest grocery spending in Europe can be found in Switzerland (€325/month), followed by Norway (€308/month) and Denmark (€281/month), which can be explained by the overall high prices in those countries.

An average Brit spends €183 (£157) monthly on groceries.

The lowest grocery spending can be found in Azerbaijan (€92/month), Belarus (€89/month) and Moldova (€88/month).

Spendings on food in Europe


In our report, we used the latest household food and non-alcoholic beverages consumption statistics from Euromonitor and official government websites. For currency conversion, we used the average exchange rate data from Google Finance for July 2023.

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