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Cook and serve in style

Cooking is awesome. It’s as simple as that. Taking a bunch of ingredients which seemingly don’t have anything in common and creating a dish out of them is nothing short of magic. If you believe so too and the kitchen is your favourite place in the house, you are probably well aware of what you need and what is the most helpful in your cooking. If so, check out Tavola, your cookware online store where you’ll find everything you need and more.

The Jupiter

Picodi always makes sure you get things you want in a way that it gives you great opportunities to save money. With an online subscription, the sky is the limit, and you can equip your kitchen, furnish your living room and decorate your bedroom in stunning pieces found in all stores in the United Arab Emirate. Try and see for yourself.

For all cooks out there

Tavola caters to needs of all cooking and food enthusiasts. Whether you’re into traditional Arabic food, full of flavour and spices, or you’re more on the modern-healthy side, you will find appliances and accessories for your kitchen and dining room with no trouble. Just look into the Foodie’s Corner to find your category. For example, Health Enthusiasts will have a broad catalogue of mixers and non-stick accessories, perfect for making smoothies and cooking without oil.

Ramadan essentials

Those who cannot live without coffee will be happy to see a broad range of coffee makers, such as Turkish, Arabic or Drip, French Press, Vacuum pot and Cappuccino. You can also look for crockery for serving this wonderfully fragrant beverage by material – bone china, fine bone china or porcelain. If you’re a true Chef in your house, check out Chef’s special. You can learn how to cook restaurant style and achieve the same effect. Look for cast iron cookware, nonstick, stainless steel or wood accessories. You are bound to become the best chef in your neighbourhood!

To serve beautifully

Making the food look attractive is for many nearly just as important as cooking itself. You can easily achieve the satisfactory effect with stunning tableware. Choose from a catalogue of dinnerware, cutlery sets, serving tools, serveware, drinkware, table accessories, placemats, mills and steak knives. You don’t need to stop there. If you want to ramp your kitchen up a little bit more, you can choose from waste bins, dish racks, soap dispensers, cleaning and organisation, bowls and baskets, candles, bathroom tools and more. Remember to explore the option of signing up for Tavola rewards. You will spend money and get something in return along with your goods!

Stunning tableware

Tavola promotions

Shopping at Tavola with Picodi promotions is now easier than ever, and it’s no surprise that it is currently so popular with shoppers all over the country. You don’t need much to do it, just some time and the internet and you can do it on the go as well!

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  • When you get the message in your mailbox, click on it and visit Picodi’s website to read more about it. You can view its terms and conditions and see when exactly the deal is going to expire. Act accordingly and copy the promo code, if there is any.
  • Go to Tavola’s website to look for products. You can either use categories on the screen or type in the name of the item. When seeing the one you like, add it to your shopping bag. Continue shopping or go to your checkout straight away.
  • When you’re in the checkout, enter your promo code, personal details and the address to which the goods will be shipped. We recommend you register an account with Tavola because it will make it much easier to shop there in the future.
  • Pay as always.


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