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Average wages: in which country people earn the most?

PicodiAugust 20, 2020 analysis team looked into earnings in countries around the world and created a global ranking of average wages.

Eldorado discovered

We processed data from Numbeo, a website which surveys hundreds of thousands of citizens of various countries, asking them about the costs of living and actual earnings (after taxes).

Switzerland, where the average wage converted into rupees amounts to Rs 1,000,800, tops the ranking. It is followed by Luxembourg and the United States, whose citizens earn Rs 670,800 and Rs 590,500 respectively. Pakistan, on the other hand, with the average wage of Rs 35,000, placed 102nd, outranking countries such as Nepal (Rs 32,100) or Nigeria (Rs 30,700). Cuba and Uganda, close the ranking with wages between Rs 6,100 and Rs 28,600.

When it comes to Asian countries, Pakistan ended up in the second part of the ranking (15th out of 16). It was outrun by countries such as India (Rs 73,000), Vietnam (Rs 67,400), Philippines (Rs 51,500), or Indonesia (Rs 51,100). Following was Cambodia with Rs1,314. The ultimate leaders are Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong — the only countries with average wages higher than Rs 500,000.


The average wages after taxes come from the website Local currencies were converted at the average Google Finance rate for August 2020.

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