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Valentine’s Day in Nigeria: expectations vs. reality

PicodiFebruary 9, 2021 checked the type of gifts Nigerians would like to receive on Valentine’s Day, how much money they are willing to spend and if their gifts suit the taste of their partners.

What do lovers hope to receive on Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is very popular in Australia: 89% of Nigerians surveyed said they celebrate Valentine’s Day and 4% less said that they will give something to their partner. It probably means that for some people spending time together is more important than Valentine’s Day financial aspect.

What are Nigerians going to buy as a gift? Among the men surveyed, the most popular answers were perfumes (31%), clothes (28%) and flowers (20%). Women on the other hand said they are going to buy electronics (39%), sweets (32%) and alcohol (29%).

We also asked what gifts Nigerians expect to get from their significant others and according to women, the most expected gifts were perfumes (39%), sweets (28%), teddy bears (2624%), jewellery (23%) and lingerie (18%). As for men, the most expected option was gift cards (58%), perfumes (44%) and money (342%). 32% wouldn’t mind getting electronics and 24% expected clothes.

The worst Valentine’s Day gifts according to women are cosmetics (22%), money (17%), electronics (15%), Valentine’s Day cards (11%) and alcohol (8%). Among men, clothes (24%) and teddy bears (21%) were chosen as the least wanted.

Valentine’s Day in other countries

We also looked into the financial side of Valentine’s Day. On average, we spend ₦11,440 on Valentine’s Day gifts in Nigeria, with men spending 34% more than women (₦13,088 vs. ₦9,792).

How much money people are willing to spend on their significant others?

Among the countries researched, the highest amounts are spent in Hong Kong (US$124), the United Kingdom (US$117), Ireland (US$112), and the United States (US$106). Nigeria placed last in the ranking (US$30).

In 2021 In Nigeria, the most frequently chosen gifts are perfumes (men) and electronics (women). American men usually choose Valentine’s Day cards, while women choose sweets. In the UK, men give mostly flowers on Valentine’s Day and receive sweets from women.


This report is based on results of a survey among over 11,000 people from 38 selected countries where Valentine’s Day is celebrated. For currency conversion, we used the average exchange rate for January 2021.

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