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Where is it easier to find love in Nigeria – online or offline?

PicodiFebruary 9, 2023 analysts checked the statistics of searches related to finding a significant other online and created a ranking of the most online states.

Our queries list consisted of the most popular dating apps and general phrases, such as “dating website”. To make the comparison fair, we juxtaposed the number of queries with the latest NBS data on the population in individual states.

Where in Nigeria is it easier to find love online?

After looking closely at the data of the most popular search engine in Nigeria, we found out that citizens of the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Rivers are most likely to find their significant other online. Internet users visit dating websites in those states more frequently than the country average.

On the other hand, citizens of Katsina, Zamfara and Jigawa look for love online the least. In those states, finding a significant other offline – in the street, at work or at social parties – is most likely more prevalent.

This is what the ranking of all states looks like:

Most online states in Nigeria

  1. Federal Capital Territory
  2. Lagos
  3. Rivers
  4. Edo
  5. Ogun State
  6. Delta
  7. Oyo
  8. Kwara
  9. Osun
  10. Enugu
  11. Nasarawa
  12. Ondo
  13. Imo
  14. Anambra
  15. Ekiti
  16. Abia
  17. Bayelsa
  18. Akwa Ibom
  19. Cross River
  20. Kaduna
  1. Plateau
  2. Kogi
  3. Ebonyi
  4. Benue
  5. Niger
  6. Kano
  7. Adamawa
  8. Gombe
  9. Borno
  10. Bauchi
  11. Taraba
  12. Yobe
  13. Sokoto
  14. Kebbi
  15. Katsina
  16. Zamfara
  17. Jigawa

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The research was based on a comparison of the number of queries and keywords during the period of 2019–2022 based on Google’s archived data (through the Keyword Planner tool).



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