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There are plenty of benefits of travelling, and no one can dispute that. There are also some major disadvantages, and most people can also agree upon that. We want to be able to travel across India, learn more about it, spend our holidays but the accommodation is often so expensive! If you think so too, you can find some of the best bargains on OYO Rooms. Check it out today and don’t put off your trips any longer.

What do you need from OYO?

Picodi is here to help you find the best and the cheapest possible rooms. It’s also here to show you that shopping online doesn’t have to be all that expensive. The only thing you need is an online subscription, and soon enough you will see the difference in the amount of money you regularly spend.

Cheaper accommodation

Travelling shouldn’t be expensive for everyone. Sure, if someone can afford and expects five stars, that’s perfectly fine. Others, who cannot necessarily afford such luxuries, should be able to travel across the country within their budget. OYO Rooms makes it possible by providing the users of their website with a comprehensive offer of rooms that are comfortable and affordable. More importantly, all of their rooms do contain the same amenities. This way you know that wherever you go, you will receive the same standard of service. Technology-driven, the service allows for very easy and quick room booking. All the tech junkies on the go will, therefore, be satisfied as well.

Reviews in press

Consisting of over 8500 of properties, OYO Rooms is currently one of the most popular services that allow accommodation reservations. No wonder, it’s just so convenient to use! If you’re using your computer or tablet, you will just need to enter the city, location or a landmark along with dates of your travels and the number of people who will be joining you. You might also be interested to know that all rooms provided to you by OYO are fitted with air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi, have TVs, spotless linen, clean washrooms and you are served breakfast there. Affordable and comfortable, isn’t that the dream?

Deals chosen for you

If you don’t know where to start, you can find excellent deals, handpicked and featured for you. They don’t only present an excellent saving opportunity but also inspire you for further travel planning. You can also see some proposals for total holidays – package deals, corporates for those tiring business travels, hill stations for those who love to be close with nature and homes for a complete experience and a family feel. And if you’re constantly on the go, simply download the OYO app and stay in the know with regards to travel opportunities.

Promotions perfect for you

OYO Rooms coupons

When you want to travel across India, it doesn’t matter if it’s for leisure or business, you can do it the right way and not spend too much cash while, at the same time, get a value that you expect. With OYO Rooms and Picodi it’s possible:

  • Make an online subscription to Picodi and find new promotional messages in your mailbox on a regular basis. When you do, just click on one of the deals and go to Picodi. When you have an overview of the deals published on that day, it’s easier to make an informed decision, isn’t it?
  • Check terms and conditions, expiration dates and click on the deal. Copy any promo code that might have popped up and go to OYO Rooms’ website. Look for accommodation either via the city you’re staying in or by the use of a search tool.
  • When you find a room you’re interested in and are ready to book it, click on the appropriate tab and enter your promo code when required. Leave your details to place a reservation and follow further instructions.

Coupons you might find attractive

Travelling doesn’t have to be all that expensive. All you need is the right strategy. Picodi publishes deals every day so keep checking!

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