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Up until recently, two major players were ruling the telecom industry, both in India and internationally. Things started to change, however, and customers across the world started seeing the difference in the fact that more local companies were being opened. Products offered by them were of excellent quality, yet the price was nowhere as high as previously. OnePlusStore is a tech company that does things that mean something: to them and their customers. This is why you should visit their online store at once and see if there’s anything there for you.

Fantastic range of OnePlus products

Picodi can help you in daily shopping by providing you with saving opportunities. With a quick and simple subscription, you are in great hands when it comes to shopping for goods and paying for services. Keep coming back, and you will never have to say that you can’t afford something.

OnePlus for innovation seekers

You can, of course, go with one of the other brands when you are searching for a new smartphone, but you can also go with the direction the innovation is going. This way you know that you are at the forefront of technology and the phone you’re using will exceed your expectations. One Plus online store can help you in finding the products that can easily fulfil all of them.

Uncapped speed

What makes OnePlus phones stand out? Those who like to take pictures wherever they are to preserve memories will be interested to know that the device has got a dual camera. This helps in taking clearer pictures and shots. Its sleek design will most likely stun the trend-setters and style lovers, and aluminium body makes it much more resilient to damages.

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The operation system is upgraded with customer reviews. Therefore, you will find that it is much speedier and more intuitive than with any other phone. Device’s hardware and software are perfectly matched so that you, as a user, have only the best experience throughout the entire time you’re using it. What is even more important, and that applies to probably all smartphone users on the planet, your OnePlus phone will charge in no time. The battery is so powerful that it doesn’t lose its energy that quickly and the charger will sort a problem of lack of it in just half an hour. Now you can stay connected wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Glowing reviews

Finally, your phone isn’t tied up to any network when you purchase it. It’s totally up to you whether you wish to have a prepaid or postpaid card and whatever network you want to be with. You can also find all the most important accessories that will go hand in hand with your phone for an enhanced experience.

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Whichever purpose your phone is supposed to serve, you deserve the best. However, times have changed, and the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive. If you believe so too, you can follow the below steps and see where it takes you:

  • Make sure you subscribe to Picodi. It’s the only way to receive fantastic offers to your mailbox on a regular basis. When you see one that you like, click on it.
  • When you’re on Picodi’s website, read the terms and conditions of each promotion, check the expiration dates and make a choice. Go to OnePlus’s website and select your location.
  • To browse the products, you must click ‘Buy Now’ and select your purchase channel. When you click on the + sign, you will be redirected to the site which shows you all phones in one place. Click on one and read the specs.
  • Select one and then add it to your bag (provided you’re happy with what you see). When you are ready to pay and have looked through accessories, enter your code, leave your details and make the payment.

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Now you can enjoy everyday life with bespoke quality of your new phone. Make sure you keep checking other deals on Picodi – they are published every day!

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