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Who has time to go shopping on a regular basis? The sad truth is that we are often so consumed with our work life that we hardly ever have any time to get out there and buy everything we need – fresh and straight from the store. Fortunately, online revolution has enabled us – the busy ones, to shop online with even more benefits at hand. It means we can get everything we need at the same, or even better, price and at the comfort of our own homes. How? Visit Big Basket to see for yourself.

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Big basket for grocery shoppers

Shopping for groceries can be a very enjoyable experience. If you have time, you can make informed decisions on what you’re eating and what you want to feed your family with. However, who has time to go shopping after work or after the entire day of taking care of the house? Is there a better way?

Get all the food you need

If you decide to shop for your everyday essentials with Big Basket, you’ve got nothing to lose. First of all, you only need a little bit of time because you don’t need to travel anywhere. That’s a major plus. The second thing is that you can see instantly if there are any new promotions which give you an instant opportunity to save money. Isn’t that super convenient?

So what exactly is available at the store? Start with foodgrains and bakery products. They are a great source of dietary fibre and help your body to maintain perfect balance. If you need fresh produce, you’ll find it too. It’s always the freshest and in the best condition, and it helps to provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and microelements.

Scoop your favourite ice-cream!

On the other hand, you may also need other types of products, especially for cleaning your house and other household items. Big Basket will take care of that as well, and you will never run short of your essential cleaning accessories. Make sure that you get your body care items at the same time so that you don’t have to go to a store each time you need something. Whenever you move your mouse on one of the categories, you will see popular searches and featured products. It may help you make a better decision.

So why exactly should you choose Big Basket for your grocery shopping? It’s simple, the products you get are the best quality possible. Especially if you’re shopping for your family, that’s of utmost importance. You can also get free delivery on selected orders, and the delivery is always on time. If for some reason you are unhappy, there is a comprehensive return policy.

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Big Basket promotions

Now that you know how great Big Basket is, it’s time to see how easy it is to shop there with Picodi promotions. Just:

  • Subscribe to Picodi and start receiving amazing deals every single day. When an interesting one comes to your email, click on it, and you will be able to view it in detail.
  • Read terms and conditions and if you like what you see, click on a chosen deal. Should there be a coupon code, it will be displayed on the screen for you to copy it. Go to the store’s website and use categories to find products you’re interested in.
  • When you see something, you want to buy, click on it, select quantity and other filters and add it to your basket. Make it as big as you want.
  • When finished, go to your basket and review the contents. When you see there is nothing more you want to have, add your coupon code, enter it and confirm your purchase. Don’t forget to leave your details.

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Now you can shop for food and other groceries in a much more convenient way. If you want to see more options, see  and Big Bazaar.