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The price of a child’s smile

PicodiNovember 14, 2019

The global toys market is projected to reach revenues of more than $100 billion in 2019, according to analysts. In other words, its scale will be comparable to the size of economies of countries such as Luxembourg, the Dominican Republic or Slovakia. Although there is a wide range of toys available, Barbie and Lego seem to be the most desired ones.

Barbie first appeared 60 years ago and throughout the decades, she has changed her appearance, profession and ethnicity a number of times. The world both loves her and hates her. She entertains and educates, but is also a subject of fierce criticism. Then, there are Legos which revolutionised the toy sector with their construction playsets. Suddenly, everyone could build and renovate, regardless of age, gender or skills. Analysis Team decided to check the average prices of the popular Barbie Mermaid Doll and the Lego Medium Classic Brick Box in hundreds of shops in 50 countries. The prices vary from country to country and sometimes they can increase up to three times. From the infographic below, you’ll learn in which countries giving such gifts to a child is considered a minor expense and in which it could really affect the family budget.

Are toys in Canada cheaper compared to other countries?

In Canada, you would have to pay C$39.4 on average for the Barbie Mermaid doll. The best price is offered in Mexico — only C$24.3 converted from the local currency. The dolls are not as affordable in Singapore and in the UAE where they cost C$75.7 and C$71.4 respectively.

The average price of the Lego Classic Brick Box (484 pieces) is about C$44.7 in Canadian stores. However, the lowest prices of the brick box can be noted in France and the US — C$35.9 and C$36.8. The same Lego box is three times more expensive in such Latin American countries like Peru or Colombia (C$110.4 and C$108.3 respectively).

In a ranking compiled basing on the prices of these two products, Canada places in quite a favourable position — you would pay C$84.1 for both products so the prices are rather average compared to other countries. Nevertheless, the prices of the toys Canada are higher than in countries like New Zealand, Australia or the US. Still, the highest prices are noted in less prosperous countries like Colombia, Peru or the Philippines and in Gulf countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia.


This report is based on the average retail prices in local online stores in 50 countries without including temporary discounts. For currency conversion, the average exchange for May 2019 was used.

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