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Communication during pandemic

PicodiApril 28, 2020

During the pandemic, video messaging clients meet the users’ needs and make it possible to work remotely and attend classes, or even meet friends without leaving home. Since the coronavirus restrictions were introduced in many American countries, the interest in messaging clients has increased as much as seven times. analysis team decided to find out which tools and applications which enable video chatting gained the biggest popularity in recent times.

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We analysed the increase of online search queries for some of the most popular messaging clients. We checked both niche and major operators, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Rakuten, or Line Corporation.

Which video messaging app gained the biggest population in Canada in recent times?

The undisputed leader in both South and North America is Google Meet which was the most frequently searched messaging app in 15 countries. Google Meet is trending across the continent, from the United States to Colombia and Brazil. The explosion of interest in this green-coloured app was also noted in Ecuador, Costa Rica, or Guatemala. Canadians also turned out to be fans of Google Meet.

In 11 countries, the most popular messaging client was Zoom. The interest in this app skyrocketed mostly in the South American countries, such as Argentina or Chile, as well as in Central America (e.g. Belize, Honduras, Panama).

Venezuela was the only country where Microsoft Teams took first place among other messaging clients.

Methodology and Data Source

The research was based on a comparison of the increase in search queries of 19 messaging clients which enable video chatting (February to March 2020). Historical data was obtained through Google Keyword Planner.

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