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Imagine your perfect home. Two, three, maybe more bedroomed, detached or bungalow, with garden or with terrace. Or maybe both? Now that you have it, imagine that there’s spotless cleanliness everywhere in the house. Just fresh scent of flowers or freshly baked cookies hot from the oven. No dishes in the sink! No garbage in the bin! And now the best part – you didn’t do anything to make it the way it is. Someone else came to your house and cleaned it the way it deserved to be cleaned.

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Picodi can make it happen for you. Using SweepSouth coupons you can hire cleaning services for less and not worry about the awful mites, dust or the general everyday wear and tear. Thanks to specialists in cleaning, your house can now be the ideal place to enjoy more spare time doing things you truly love, or meeting friends.


SweepSouth knows how exhausting cleaning can be for people who are just moving in to their new home. In order to make it just a wee bit easier, they offer regular or one-off cleaning services for those who like to have things under control. Booking process is extremely easy and you can do it by phone or using your mobile device for extra convenience.

Very often landlords find their rental properties in a very bad state after their tenants move out. To get it up and running as soon as possible, SweepSouth professionals will do their very best to make it homey and classy again and you don’t love money.

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Don’t worry that the cleaning staff will not do their job properly, because all of them have been fully trained, background checked and have plenty of experience. They are also fully insured for your piece of mind, not that you need it. The awesome thing is that the payment process is just as easy as booking. There is a flat rate for each hour of work they do so you only pay for the time spent in your house. There are no hidden fees so you know exactly what you’re going to pay. With SweepSouth discount code that’s even less!


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Some of us need some extra cleaning from time to time. If you’re preparing fantastic Christmas dinner, want to freshen up your walls just before spring or are thinking about accommodating your relatives for the summer, Sweep South’s professional team is happy to perform some extra tasks such as cleaning inside household goods or furniture. What’s more, considering your extremely busy lifestyle, should you need help with washing and ironing your clothes, that is something you can get help with as well.

Not know what to get a friend or a family member for their birthday? If you’re tired of giving people pointless gifts they’ll never use, Sweep South allows you to buy a gift voucher for 6 different amounts varying from R114 to R500. Imagine that you can actually gift someone with a clean house!

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You can also get a gift, from the company itself! For each successful referral you will be rewarded for your loyalty.


The process of ordering cleaning services for your home couldn’t be any easier. Simply enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms from a scroll down menu, then add any extra tasks you need done. The system will estimate how much time it will take so you can be prepared for the costs. You also have the option of using your own cleaning products if they’ve proven useful in the past.

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What if two cleaning specialists come to your house? The number of house will NOT double, you’ll still pay for what you’ve ordered. It’s only fair. If you’re happy with your cleaner, you have the option of booking the very same person for the next time. Each of them does excellent work every time but sometimes people just click.

How to book cleaning with Sweep South promo codes.

  1. When you’re on Picodi’s website, type ‘SweepSouth’ into the search box.

  2. Your available codes or promos will be displayed below.

  3. Some of the deals are ongoing but some may end soon so pay attention! Click on the green tab to get the code.

  4. At the end of the booking process (explained above) click on ‘Redeem Voucher’ on top of the page and enter your code from Picodi.

  5. Your discount will be applied immediately.

  6. Enter your address, preferred date and time of cleaning and confirm. Your booking is now complete.

  7. Enjoy your freshly cleaned home.

Now that your place is extra tidy, you can easily decorate it with new home décor. Check out deals at Home Choice or reward yourself with new clothing from Zando. Use Picodi vouchers of course!

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