SA Consumer Surveys voucher codes and discount codes ◦ September 2020

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SA Consumer Surveys

Would you like to share your opinion on various matters? Would you like someone to take your opinion into account while making important decisions? Even better, would you like to be rewarded for a simple fact that you gave your opinion? I bet you would! And now you can – thanks to SA Consumer Surveys in cooperation with Picodi.

SA Consumer Surveys is an online platform organizing survey competitions for everyone willing to take part in them. The company offers its services to other companies that need to collect people’s opinions on given topics. Thus, various surveys are created and issued on SA Consumer Surveys website. People who visit the website can take part in any of ongoing surveys and express their opinion. Everyone who completes a survey has a chance of winning attractive prizes in the form of various discount vouchers and free products.

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How does it work?

So... you want to share your opinion and you want to be rewarded for that? No problem. What reward do you need? Yes, you can choose. And you can choose more than one. Do you want a Woolworths voucher? Or do you need to do some Spree shopping, so a Spree voucher would be just right? There is an easy way to get them.

  1. Go to SA Consumer Surveys website.
  2. Choose survey you want to complete from the list you will find on the home page. Surveys are divided according to the prizes you can win and not the topics they concern. Note that there is no limit as to the number of surveys you can take.
  3. Enter the survey, answer a few questions and submit your contact details to take part in competition.
  4. All of the competitors have a chance to win awesome prizes such as Edgars voucher or MRP voucher but also free petrol, cosmetics, coffee machines and even TVs!
  5. Keep an eye on the date of the prize draw to check whether you’re the lucky one.

ZA Consumer Surveys competitions

SA Consumer Surveys and Picodi

What cooperation can be between these two? As the surveys are completely free to enter, you don’t need Picodi discount codes for anything. That’s right. But don’t forget that Picodi is much more than just discount codes. Visit and enter “SA Consumer Rewards” into the search box. The list of offers that will appear is, in fact, a list of links redirecting you to pages with surveys corresponding to enlisted prizes. Let’s take a closer look at one of them. In the picture below, you can see a Takealot voucher offer as it appears on Picodi:

ZA Consumer Surveys Takealot voucher

On the left side you can see how much a voucher is worth. In the case of product rewards, you will see a gift symbol in this place. Underneath, there are small thumbs-up and thumbs-down signs. If the link (or code) works properly, people click on thumbs-up and if it doesn’t, they click on thumbs-down. As you can see, 149 people claim that Takealot voucher link works and it seems no one has had any problems with it yet. Next to the value, you will always see a short description of a code or promotion. “Ongoing” sign in the bottom right corner indicates that the promotion is still active. Click on “Get the Deal” button to be redirected to SA Consumer Surveys website, specifically to the page with a proper survey to complete. It’s as simple as that.

Daily Polls

These are polls that appear daily on SA Consumer Surveys website and are related to everyday life, current events and overall trends. They can include important questions about politics, economy or your beliefs. But you can also find funny polls, asking for your lifestyle, opinion on food chains or personal experiences. Polls’ results are regularly updated on SA Consumer Surveys Facebook page and on their website so that you can also check what are other people’s thoughts on a given topic.

ZA Consumer Surveys daily polls

Cooperation with SA Consumer Surveys

Do you need people’s opinions on your new products? Would you like to know about current changes in the market demand? Are you in need for quality data to improve and optimize your business? Join your forces with SA Consumer Surveys. Compile your own survey or let Consumer Surveys team of experts prepare one for you. The survey will be uploaded to their website and promoted. Once enough people complete your survey, you will receive detailed information, including graphs and full analytical report. If you want to promote your business via e-mail and mobile marketing you can also contact SA Consumer Surveys – yes, they also have a service for that.

ZA Consumer Surveys cooperation

Who would want to pay the full price if there are so many vouchers to win? Increase your chances of winning by taking part in various competitions. Check out Consumer Rewards, SurveyNow, SA Rewards and more on Picodi.