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More about Quicket:

Don’t spend your entire life on the sofa!

Going to events is a great way of socialising with your existing friends and making some new ones.  Learning about new cultures without the need of travelling internationally is very convenient if you can’t afford or can’t spare the time to hop on a plane and go to another country. To find tickets to all major events in one place, simply visit Quicket, a website where you’ll find tickets to festivals, movie screenings and theatre plays in the entire country. Go ahead and find yours!

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Do it cheaper with Picodi. Use this website when you’re in need of a discount, a promotion or any other type of deal. You will be able to save thousands of rands every month and have fun at the same time!

Where to go?

Some of us don’t really know what they want to do, they simply need some inspiration for their future endeavours. Click on the featured events to see what’s on soon and what’s coming in the next months. When you see something you like, click on the icon and you will see available options ticket-wise. You will also see the description of the event and so you know exactly what you’re buying tickets to.

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If you’re just travelling to another town and want to see what they’ve got to offer, simply explore by clicking on the name of the city. The list of upcoming events will appear on your screen for you to read about and choose from. What if you’re only interested in yoga or musical events and don’t want to look through the entire list of hundreds of events? Scroll down to see the categories and to have it all lined up neatly for you. From charity to food and drink, everybody will find something appropriate for themselves.

You can also use the service if you’re an event planner yourself. Whether you run a charity and need some exposure for donations or you’re representing a brand, which has a sole purpose of earning revenue, you can organise your event with Quicket. You will get a cheap marketing tool and a practical solution to your advertising dilemmas. That’s two birds with one stone!

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Social media is now a big part of any marketing strategy and it’s no different with Quicket. Once you have created your event, you will be able to advertise it online with cheap ad solutions provided by key partners from social networking sites. While you’re waiting for your event to happen, you can check the sales and manage your account effectively wherever you are. And when the time comes, you have your very own custom made guest list to make sure that only people invited get in.

Want to make your event a bit more customised to your needs or the character of your brand? Create your sitting plan, calendars and make it possible for guests to buy merchandise. You can also have them receive tickets for free if you want. More importantly, you don’t need to pay anything to register. 
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Picodi and Quicket promo codes

Find your tickets much cheaper when you go to first. Make sure you do the following in order to enjoy these perks:

  1. Look up to see which deals are on right now.
  2. Choose one deal you like and click on it. If there’s a code, you must copy it for later use.
  3. When you’re on Quicket’s website, you should look for events you like.
  4. When you see a festival or an event you want to attend, click on ‘order’ or follow any other link set up by the organiser.
  5. Pay with your credit card or by other means available and wait for the date to arrive.
  6. In most cases you should receive a confirmation e-mail and sometimes your ticket will be sent through post. Everything depends on the information from your event’s organiser.

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    Fun is no good if your stomach is empty. Go for a tasty treat to Spur or Wimpy to get some strength for the next day at your festival!