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More about Lenovo:

Lenovo coupons

If you belong to the group of newest technology geeks and you simply have to own the latest electronics devices and gadgets, it is absolutely crucial to find an online store that will offer you all those products at prices you can afford and with a lengthy warranty period.

It is fair to say that electronics are definitely not the cheapest type of products you can shop for in the web and that's why the matter of picking the right and the most reliable store becomes even more important because we want to be 100% sure about getting the best quality of product available on the market and in case of any fault, be able to return in to the store with 0 additional costs attached. If you feel like the above description points to you then you shouldn't look further than Lenovo as your next consumer electronics destination.

SA Lenovo coupons at Picodi

You may wonder why our Picodi team thinks that Lenovo is the best pick out of all available online electronic stores in South Africa. The answer is quite simple and straightforward - because Lenovo is one of the leading - and definitely the biggest - company that specialises in personal technology products that are pretty much a must-have for most of consumers these days - whether for work or personal use.

Lenovo - notwithstanding the fact that it is one of the most popular brand names in the world specialising in consumer electronics - never stops the work to further improve and satisfy even bigger group of customers worldwide. Even though the company enjoys global fame, it still wants to lure more technology geeks by offering Lenovo coupons and Lenovo voucher codes thanks to which you can combine getting the best quality of product with joy of saving extra money. 

Products available at Lenovo

Most of the consumers who are already familiar with the brand name Lenovo often associate it exclusively with laptops - probably because that's the category of products that provides the biggest selection of goods and enjoys the biggest number of sales every month at Lenovo. It is a wrong assumption though as apart from best quality laptops (available at discount prices throughout the year) - it is possible to buy other type of products at equally fantastic quality and with equally big chance of saving with Lenovo coupon. Products available at Lenovo South Africa include:

  • tablets
  • mobiles & smartphones
  • desktop PCs
  • workstations
  • servers & storage

Apart from the popular Lenovo products mentioned above, you will definitely find an additional, rich list of that work perfectly with the above-listed devices and gadgets such as headphones, mouses & keyboards. And specially for the group of business owners and applications-geeks, Lenovo prepared a seperate product sections called "Apps" and "Enterprise Software" in which, too, you will be able to save extra money with the help of Lenovo coupons and Lenovo coupon codes available at Picodi South Africa.

Mobile offers at Lenovo South Africa

Where to shop for Lenovo products?

The fact is that you can satisfy your eyes by browsing all the Lenovo products at the Lenovo official store - shop.lenovo.com - but it is not possible to purchase the products directly from there. Once you find a product model that suits you perfectly, you can look for it at popular online retail websites in South Africa that are partners with Lenovo - for example Takealot.com or Makro. Once you are there, you can have a careful look at other best quality consumer electronics at discounted prices. Despite the fact that you will be able to use coupons and coupon codes to save on Lenovo products at above-mentioned website, we encourage you to check other popular electronics brands available there in form of Samsung, LG, Philips & Sony.

Tablet offers at Lenovo South Africa

Long Warranty Period

You already know that shopping for Lenovo devices you should expect best product quality on the market providing great value for money but - most importantly - you should feel safe because Lenovo gives you a long warranty period on any products purchased from this brand. Warranty periods from Lenovo are one of the best available with the length ranging from 2 to 5 years which means that you can enjoy your favourite products to maximum knowing that they are protected by Lenovo itself.