Domino's Pizza ◦ sale ◦ December 2017

Here you can find the latest Domino's Pizza promo codes


Too Famous Promo: Get 2 Large Famous or New Pizzas for Only R145,90


Double Up Deal: Get Two Large Pizzas for Only R134,90


Festive Special Offer: 2 Large Pizzas, Dessert & One 2L Drinks for Only R179,90


Get R30 Off on Any Two Large Traditional, Famous or New Pizzas


Domino's Pizza Deals: Get Up to 50% Off


Spend Over R55 & Enjoy Free Delivery


Domino's Pizza coupons, codes and deals that you've missed:

Only from Monday to Wednesday, at Domino's Pizza you can order Large Pizza for as little as R49.90. Click to get to the discount area.
  • expired:: 2016-03-31

Order any two large pizzas (excluding traditional pizzas) at Domino's Pizza to get R50 off on your order. Click to get the deal.
  • expired:: 2016-10-24

Order any medium traditional or famous pizza at Domino's Pizza for as little as R49.90. Click to get the deal.
  • expired:: 2016-10-21

Enjoy Megaweek at Domino's Pizza and get 50% off on all pizzas ordered online. No promo code required. Click to get the deal.
  • expired:: 2016-10-23

Order any two large pizzas (excluding traditional pizzas) at Domino's Pizza to get R50 off on your order. Click to get the deal.
  • expired:: 2016-10-31

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Domino's Pizza promo code reviews by Picodi users:

good pizza, friendly staff,

More about Domino's Pizza:

Cooking takes us plenty of time, but this skill is so valuable today. But there is a solution you do not have to cook every day, simply use the rich and delicious offer Dominos Pizza. Take the opportunity and visit the website of Dominos Pizza, a website where you can find delicious pizzas, exactly what we are looking for and what we want to have a good meal. Domino's Pizza provides the ability to order pizza on a phone, straight to your home, but before the ordering make sure that your area Domino's Pizza delivery area. Take advantage of the price off on the pizzas ordered through the website. With Dominos Pizza you do not have to cook every day, use the delicious discount coupons from Dominos Pizza.

ZA Domino's Pizza logo

Domino's Pizza was founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan in America and now it is a world leader in pizza delivery, providing every day more than a million pieces of pizza in the whole world. The network has been successful in 75 markets and has created more than 11 000 places. Domino's offers its franchisees a proven and tested concept and access to know-how and daily the work there have more than 200 000 employees.

For years, Domino's was perfecting the preparing process and delivery of the best pizza. The company has never compromised on the quality of the products which results in high levels of customer satisfaction and guarantees repeatability of purchase. Its franchisees offer a unique, focused on the needs of the customers.

ZA Domino's Pizza deal

The company delivers more than one million pieces of pizza a day all around the world, using practised and tested concept.

The company operates since 1960 and opened the first pizzeria in the model of the franchise in 1967. Since then, the company has been already successful in 75 countries and what is more, they have over 11 thousand pizzerias.

The franchisees offer access to know-how about the daily work of more than 200 thousand employees.

ZA Domino's Pizza pepperoni

Discounts and discount coupons for ordering from Domino’s Pizza.

Do you want to have promotions and discounts for orders made through the site Dominos Pizza? Visit Dominos Pizza and see the many occasional offers for delicious pizza. By subscribing to the newsletter you gain an additional opportunity to receive discount codes and information on the occasions of price-offs straight to your mailbox. Domino's Pizza is also present in social media, where you can also get discount codes for the order. Collect discount codes and enjoy cheaper pizza.

How can I use the discount code from this website?

If you have already a discount code from our Picodi website, chosen from the long list of discounts and wide promotions, visit the website and make your order. In the main window of the cart in the panel on the right side, there is a box called “promotion code”. After you type your code there, the price is reduced automatically. The website can also show you other promotions which can be used even without knowing the special code.

ZA Domino's Pizza ingredients

What can I order from Dominos Pizza?

You can order several of dishes including of course Pizza, pasta, wraps, snaps, desserts, beverages and beer.

ZA Domino's Pizza delivery

What is important to know and what is being practised by the brand all around the world is the delivery Guarantee. The 30-minute free delivery guarantee applies to predetermined areas which are around each Domino's Pizza restaurant. Knowing from experience if the delivery will take longer you should get a call from the service informing how much time the delivery will take. A minimum order of R55 is required to qualify for free delivery service.

Have a nice visit in the Dominos Pizza and enjoy the delicious pizza from the best provider from America.