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Save 30% off on all products across store, thanks to this special Dirt Body coupon code!
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Save 30% off on all products across store, thanks to this special Dirt Body coupon code!
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DirtBody Voucher Codes

Our grandmothers didn’t have half of the issues with their skin as we do. It could be linked to poor diet, especially the amount of sugar we consume every day, but also other things. For example, they used to much more physical work – they had more children, they worked on the farm or in a factory. Less sitting time meant more physical activity, which in turn resulted in better metabolism and lymph circulation. If you already complain of skin imperfections including blemishes and cellulite, there’s a perfect remedy for you that’ll make you feel like you’re in the best SPA treatment centre in the world. Dirtbody scrubs are made for you.

Dirtbody body coffee scrubs

Picodi brings beauty treatments closer to you with promo codes that save you a lot of money. With Dirtbody your savings could reach up to 15% off your purchase! Take a look below at what the company stands for and how it can help you.

An (im)perfect body

There are no natural remedies for skin ageing that would stop the process altogether. You can, however make it age slower and make it look both younger and more beautiful. But first, let’s see why should we even do it?

Skin is our largest organ. But there’s so much more than meets the eye and all the magic happens under the outer layer. If we only work on the surface, the problem will not disappear, which can result in frustration and issues building up. In beauty treatments that involve the skin, the holistic approach is necessary.

Dirtbody girls

Take scrubbing, for example. Removing dead skin cells from the epidermis is important because we don’t want to be wearing dirt, oils and dust on our faces, hands and legs. Great, that’s why we wash ourselves every day. But what if watching, or cleansing, isn’t enough anymore? Exfoliating is a bit more invasive process but fear not – with the use of the right cosmetics, especially the natural ones, you won’t harm your skin.

Coffee scrubs have been known to women for hundreds of years. They were used by ladies throughout centuries to rejuvenate and remove the signs of tiredness. Water, as good and essential as it is to our life, if not consumed in the right amount, is also responsible for sugar and fat retention. One way to remove it is to drink more – the excess water is then replaced. Another is using coffee. Caffeine in the coffee helps to drain water from cells, therefore, any leftover liquid below the skin surface is removed.

Do you ever drink coffee to wake up? That’s exactly the effect it’s going to have on your skin. If it’s tired of constant exposure to heavy metals, dust and smoke, it will show as black marks and dark spots under your eyes. Because caffeine can also remove toxic substances from your skin, it will look younger and healthier.


If you add different food products to a coffee scrub, it will have slightly different impact on your skin. That’s why Dirtbody created different versions of the scrub, so you can adjust it to your needs. And so, cinnamon scrub will work wonders on your cellulite due to its blood circulation improving properties. Spices in general have been used by people in treating low blood pressure, but cinnamon will also beautify.

Natural ingredients

Peppermint is perfect for you if you suffer from extensive sebum secretion. It helps to remove blackheads and controls your natural tendency to sweat. It revives and refreshes your skin from inside and out.

Coconut is another natural ingredients you can use in your scrub. Dirtbody combines the caffeine and the fruit in a perfect combination, as a result of which your skin will be nourished and soft. If you have dry and itchy skin, you don’t need to give up using scrubs – you just need to use the right ones!

And for all of you who have hardly any issues with their skin, there’s the Original version, which on its own and without any deliciously smelling toppings, will work wonders.

Dirtbody and Picodi.

Wide range of products

Here’s how you take full advantage of what nature has to offer.

  1. Check out current deals for Dirtbody promo codes on Picodi. You can do it by entering the name of the company into the browsing window.

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  4. Check in the shopping cart if everything clicks and pay in any of the convenient ways mentioned on the website.

  5. Use your scrubs in any way you want!

Dirtybody discount codes

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