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Cape Coffee Beans

Cape Coffee Beans is the right choice for South African coffee lovers who enjoy the taste of a quality coffee made of freshest beans. Get the most delicious and freshly roasted coffee beans delivered directly to your door with Cape Coffee Beans. A wide variety of coffee makes even the most fussy coffee lover contented!

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That luxurious feeling

Oh, coffee. Don't we all just love it? The scent of freshly ground beans in the morning and the bitterness that wakes us up at any time. Or, for those who prefer speciality beverages, the sweet, milky froth on the liquid surface. While it's true that coffee isn't for everyone and some people should not have it, for health reasons, most people agree that they cannot imagine their day without at least one cup. Where do you buy it? You can now brew your speciality coffee in your home, every day and on occasion. Simply visit Cape Coffee Beans and see how easy it is.

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Brew it yourself

One might think that brewing speciality coffee at home takes either plenty of time and energy or plenty of money. Or maybe both? The truth is a bit different, though. Sure, you might want to buy a huge coffee machine, one that your favourite coffee shop uses but if you just want to do it yourself in your home or the office and not rely on the shop to provide you with your daily dose of delicious caffeine, shop for your essentials and see how easy it is.

Bundles that save money

So, where do you start? The first thing you need to buy, the absolute minimum, the thing you cannot start this journey without - the coffee. It's much better to buy beans instead of grounds because when you grind the beans yourself, you will achieve that incredible flavour that is only possible in the first few moments after grinding. At Cape Coffee Beans you don't need to limit yourself with regards to the type of coffee you want to get. You can shop according to its origin, or roast. What's the difference between light and medium/dark? The latter provides you with a spectacular experience, one that isn't to everyone's taste. If you prefer to have a nice cup of coffee or you're just starting out, you can start with Light.

Products on sale

That's not all. Once you decide which coffee you want to purchase, you can proceed to check what type of equipment is available in the store. How do you find the right one? You can, of course, browse all equipment and accessories. You will find a wide array of tools that will help you prepare that perfect brew. However, if you know, more or less what you're looking for, you will have a much easier job searching by type or brand. Coffee grinders will enable you to use your beans. A coffee maker is an absolute necessity. Choose from espresso machines, automatic, drippers, cold brews, French press and many more. Every person is different and so are their coffee needs, so there is no one right solution.

Get the right equipment and brew your own coffee

Coffee has had a bad reputation over the past years, but it has recently come to light that it has plenty of health benefits. Provided a person drinking it doesn't have any health issues that should prevent them from drinking it, and the coffee doesn't contain a ton of additives in the form of sweeteners, etc. it should not do any harm, and in some cases, it might even be beneficial.

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