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More about Kobo:


"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one."

Someone might say that reading becomes outdated. With all the technology that surrounds us, who really wants to simply sit and read a book? But, the technology doesn’t have to be an obstruction to reading – it’s quite the opposite, actually. Reading has never been easier and more convenient than today. Hundreds of titles available on one small, portable device? The possibility to access hundreds more titles just like that? The tool for highlighting and making notes without destroying a book? Yes. And many more. Where? At Kobo.

Kobo is one of the world’s largest companies providing eReading services, founded in 2009 in Canada. The company offers its own brand of reading device along with apps for e-book reading and millions of e-books in 77 languages. The Kobo team believe that “reading makes the world a better place” and do what they can to encourage people to read and to make reading as easy and pleasant as possible.

Kobo logo

Do you agree with people from Kobo? Would you like to make world a better place? Here are three simple steps to do that:

1. Find

Find what? Well, obviously you need some means to read e-books. Of course, paper books are perfectly fine but it’s so much easier with e-books. Instant access to ridiculously large number of titles should be enough of an advantage. Browse Kobo website and get yourself acquainted with Kobo eReader or, if you prefer to read on your phone or computer, download an appropriate, completely free, reading app. That was an easy part.

Now you need to find a book. Or books. As many as you like. Good luck for choosing from over 5 million titles. Fortunately, Kobo categorized them properly for you to make the search easier. And  it’s not like you need to find them all at once.

Done? Let’s go to the next step.

Kobo offer

2. Buy

Obviously, the apps are free but you need to pay for your eReader and your e-books. On the Kobo eReader Store website you can find a thorough description of all the models of Kobo eReaders along with some neat accessories for them. Visit Kobo eBookstore to shop for e-books. Add the chosen books to your Shopping Cart and continue browsing or go to the checkout. To finalize the purchase you need to sign in. Create an account or log in with Facebook or Google+ account. Enter your payment details and use a promo code, if you have any. If not, consider visiting Picodi.uk for free Kobo voucher. Continue to review, confirm your order, pay and download.

Off to the next step.

Kobo cart

3. Read

I  bet you don’t need guidance for this one. Enjoy!


But why e-books?

Yes, paper books are great. The smell of printed paper, the soft sound of turning pages, the view of a no-longer-empty space on your shelf... And they don’t need battery charging. But you don’t have to treat e-books as a replacement for a more traditional form of reading. Rather, see them as an enhancement. Think about it – you’re going on a holiday and you want to take a few books with you. But every book occupy some space and your bag is already packed tight. What easier, then, than taking your reading device with all the titles you want, available at your fingertips. Literally. Ever struggled with a font too small to read? You can choose font type and size in eReader. Too dark to read? Well, you don’t need a flashlight any more, just increase the screen brightness on your device. Want to make some notes but don’t want to damage a book? Hmm, you can scribble all you want on your e-book and still the text will be left intact. Forgot to take a book to a bus/school/whatever? But you have your phone with you, right? Don’t necessarily give up on paper books – instead, give yourself more opportunities to read.

Kobo ebook

Can't-miss books at can't-miss prices

Yes, you can borrow a book from a library. Good point. But guess what – you can also download a free e-book! Legally, of course. And unlike borrowed books, free e-books don’t need to be returned. Kobo has a category called “Free eBooks” where you can find a huge selection of completely free titles (who would have thought, right?). “Daily Deals” category includes all the e-books currently on discount and there is a whole lot of e-books for less than a pound. And don’t forget about Picodi! Visit regularly to find free vouchers that will allow you to pay less for your favourite titles. Sign up for a newsletter to never miss any hot deals and promotions.

Kobo promo

Reading is a bit like an addiction – once you start you will always want more. And for more, check out Picodi’s offer on Scholastic, Wordery,  Abebooks and others.