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Children should have as much trouble-free life as possible. They should be able to play with whatever types of toys they like and as long as they are completely safe, we should let them explore the world freely. If you’re looking for original toys that help develop your child’s imagination and skills, go to Hamleys, one of the oldest toy stores in the UK.

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If you’re looking for a perfect toy, you will find everything you need at Hamley’s online store. Simply click on one of the many categories to find it and within days the store will deliver it to your door. Shop according to categories, such as preschool, soft toys, arts & crafts, dolls, build it, action toys, games, outdoor or vehicles. For smaller children who simply want to have their very own friend to cuddle, choose soft toys like teddies, character or interactive.

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Parents of both boys and girls are welcome to shop for dolls, especially if the young ones are collectors. The store has an extensive range of the most popular collections. Those who like role playing can find plenty of action toys and dress –ups to make their play time as much actionable as possible. Don’t stay indoors for too long and choose some outdoor toys for your little ones to play with. Encourage free play outside to let them see how great the world is.

Nowadays, Hamleys is something much more than just a toy store. You can organise a birthday party for the wee ones in one of the six cities across the countries. Plenty of fun and activities to make the day as special as possible is what Hamley’s centres are all about. Apart from food and music, your child and their friends will be surrounded by their favourite toys, even life-size ones! Create memories that will last forever with one of a kind Hamley experience.

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Not sure what to buy to another child but want to make their day? Buy them a gift voucher and their parents will make sure they get the best gift possible. This is the easiest way to give the most amazing present to any child – having them choose their own toys! Want more of an experience, not just a product? Take part in one of the many competitions held on the store’s website. You can just enter yourself in and win tickets, rewards and more. Make your child’s free time amazing and filled with excitement.

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  10. See the look on the child’s face when they get their new toy!

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If there’s no Hamleys around, and you want to organise a birthday party, go to ASDA for all essential party food, including cakes!

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