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Game is the leading British games retailer founded by Terry Norris and Bev Ripley in 1991 under the name of Rhino Group and rebranded in 1999 as Game. Nowadays, Game owns over 300 shops placed all over the UK and a website where you can find games for all major video game platforms as well as game consoles, various accessories and other entertainment products.


Looking at the name it’s safe to assume that at Game you can buy… games. And it’s true – they have a wide selection of brand new games for any platform you want. But! As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover because Game offers you much more than that. In fact, you can find there all the equipment you need to enjoy your newly bought games. Whether you want to build your own powerful gaming PC or you prefer to have already constructed set – Game’s got you covered! The same goes for consoles like Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. Wait… there is even more! At Game you can also find board games, movies, books, cool clothes (remember that awesome Assassin’s Creed hoodie you saw on the Internet? – guess who has it in store), cutting-edge electronic gadgets, toys and collectibles. Looks like you really can find there everything you need. Hard to believe? Check it for yourself.


Now, you went through huge Game’s offer and you want to make some of this neat stuff yours. How to do that? It’s very simple. First of all, no account is needed. You find what you want, you add it to your basket and if you feel that’s all – you go to checkout to finalize the purchase. There, you can see all the games you selected with their price. This is also the place where you can use your promo codes from Picodi. After checking your order and entering promotional code, if you have any, you need to click on the “Secure checkout” button where you’ll be asked whether you want to create an account or continue your purchase as a guest. After choosing one of these options you will be asked to enter some basic personal details like name and e-mail address and then you choose your preferred delivery option. You can decide to pick a free UK Delivery and have your games delivered straight to your doorstep or another free option of Click & Collect which means that you will find your order in the nearest Game store. Don’t worry if you don’t live in the UK because Game has also international option with a really low price and short time of delivery. After deciding on that, the last thing to do is to choose whether you want to pay with credit card, PayPal or using your Game Wallet and enter necessary details accordingly. That’s it – your purchase is done and your games are on their way to you.

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It goes without saying that an important part of gaming culture is community. And Game knows it very well. In order to bring fellow gamers closer and to multiply the fun from games, Game organizes various events in which everyone can participate. To go to the part of the Game website dedicated to events you need to click on “Join our community” on the bar at the bottom of the page and then on the “Store events” button. You will read there about Gaming Arena that will be open by Game and about many cool events that were, are or will be organized with all the necessary details like location, date and description of an event. Participation in these events is free and you can get yourself some nice rewards or really good deals for future shopping. So… what are you waiting for?


All gamers know far to well the struggle of saving enough money to afford all those great games that are available. Well, people from Game know it too and they came up with solutions that allow you to pay less for your favourite titles. What to do? First, check for any ongoing discounts and promotions that are waiting for you to use them. Or even better, sign up for our newsletter to be notified whenever new promo code appears. Another great way of saving money is downloading the Game Reward App that helps you to easily do your shopping but, most importantly, it allows you to accumulate and use special reward points to buy cheaper. There are many ways of earning those points and most of them include your usual activities as game-buyer: paying for games, placing pre-orders, purchasing pre-owned titles… you get points even at the very beginning after downloading the App. Try it out and see for yourself how much you can save thanks to it.


You can find Game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more but first check their offer on to make sure you won’t miss any hot new deals!


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