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Fun and excitement reinvented

Come to think of holidays, when was the last time you even embarked on a real journey? When was the last time you actually got to have fun during your time away, without thinking about work, planning your next move, worrying about things you'd find at home upon arrival? Holidays are meant to bring peace and relaxation so that you can recharge your batteries and come back with strength. If you're missing the real meaning of a holiday, you should visit Headout, your new way towards fun and excitement.

Find your happy place with Headout

Picodi is all about having a good time. At work, at home and on holidays, which is why it shows you how to have all of that for less. Cheaper airline tickets, great promotions on holidays, all of that is waiting for you in one place. Subscribe, and soon enough, you'll see how wonderful it is to leave everything to experts and just take advantage of what is on offer.

What is Headout?

Headout is unlike any other holiday booking website. It's aimed at those of us who want to find that special feeling related to travelling. What it means is that we often forget about detaching ourselves from the life we live every day which, in turn, makes us unable to relax completely. All that holiday planning we often need to make ourselves doesn't help either. Headout is different. It makes it possible for you just to go and enjoy your time away.

The Headout experience

People behind Headout know that each of us is different and expects different things as well. This is why they allow you to browse for your holidays in a variety of ways. Whatever you're looking for, you are most likely going to find it! For example, you might want to look for city tours. Some of us, after all, prefer to spend our holidays actively, learning about new places and experiencing them for what they are. Others, on the other hand, prefer to go on a cruise where everything is arranged for them, and all that is left to do is pure relaxation.

Look for top cities

Those who don't like to be surrounded by tourists who always go to the same places can choose trips Off The Beaten Path. You can, for example, embark on a journey of the culinary tour in which you will find out what the local cuisine has to offer. A tour in Academy of Sciences will open a brand new world for you while an Alcatraz tour will show you where the most dangerous criminals in the US were sent to. Such fascinating activities for so little money!

If you can't decide where to go and what to do (it's completely understandable, there's just so much of it!), you can follow other travellers' reviews and go with Best Sellers. You'll quickly see why these particular activities are currently the most popular ones and what you can get from them.

get some cashback along the way

Headout coupon codes

With codes, promotions and bargains found on Picodi, you don't have to pay too much for your holidays. Headout together with Picodi makes it possible to find inspiration and pay less money for realising your dreams. Simply:

  • Subscribe to Picodi newsletter. You will soon receive emails with a wealth of great promotions, including those from Headout. When it happens, you can quickly find all the other bargains with just one click of a mouse.
  • When you're on Picodi website, click on a deal that seems the most interesting to you and check its expiration date. Remember, not all promotions are ongoing, sometimes you might need to hurry! Copy the coupon code, if there is any, and go to Headout's website.
  • Look for your dream holiday using categories provided. Click on one of the attractive offers and see if your date is available. If so, follow the instructions on the screen to book it. When required, enter the Headout coupon code you got from Picodi and pay as you normally do.

Top picks from headout

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Headout Black Friday

Every year Headout prepares special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 can be found on dedicated special pages.