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Do you need some new household appliance or electronics? Is your smartphone out-of-date and you consider buying a new one? Maybe your fridge is broken and you need brand new one? There are plenty of needs but only one answer – Anson’s! You will find there kitchen appliances as well as mobile phones or computers and cameras! Read more about this premium Philippine store and learn how to save your money with our Anson’s promotional codes.

Anson’s is the leading appliance and electronics store in Philippines. You will find their branches all over Metro Manila. Their shops offers enjoyable shopping experience through product displays, showrooms and online appliance store. Shopping online at Anson’s could not be more simple. Everything is grouped into categories and subcategories. You can also use search engine if you are looking for a specific product. Applying filters on your search results is very helpful as well, select the brand, price or screen size filter.

Find something for yourself

Every product has their own page where you will find description, photos and reviews. There you can add the item to your cart, add it to wish list or buy it as a gift. When you add a product to the wish list - it means that you want to buy it later. Also if you are buying a gift for someone the store will wrap it for you.

Get yourself a gift

If you are not into electronics you can read their blog where Anson’s staff writes tips, guides and many more. If you still need help you can use helpdesk. You will find there frequently asked questions and some buyer guides. If all that doesn’t help, just call them or contact them by email.

Now when you are familiar with the products you can buy at Anson’s, it’s time to learn how to save money with our Anson’s promotional codes! It’s only a few easy steps! Ready, set, go!

Step 1. Visit
Go to Picodi’s homepage and type “Ansons” in the search engine.

Step 2. Select a promotion.
Here you can see all of the available promotions for Anson’s. As you probably noticed there are two ways of saving your money – the deal and the promo code.
When you click on the green “Get the Deal” button you will be redirected to the area on Anson’s website with the chosen promotion. Then you just have to do the shopping!Using the code looks a little bit different so just follow this instruction to see how simple it is! First you have to click the green “Reveal the Code” button. After that your coupon code will be displayed on your screen. Just copy it to your clipboard. You will need it later. Now go to the Anson’s website and do the shopping!

Step 3. Shop!
The best part is coming! Browse through tons of cool products on Anson’s website. When you decide to buy something just add it to your cart. If you filled up your cart with some awesome stuff we can proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Closer look at the cart and using our Anson’s promotional code.
Now go to your cart. Once there, check if all the items are in your cart and see if quantities are ok. You can also calculate your shipping cost. But the most important thing is left. It’s time to save your money! To do so, find a box called “DISCOUNT CODE” and paste your code from Picodi. Then you just have to click red “Apply Coupon” button and the price should change! Saving many is super easy! Now proceed to checkout.

Save on your orders with Picodi

Step 5. Checkout.
If you forgot to apply your coupon code – don’t worry. You can also do it in checkout page. Using it here looks the same as previously. Paste your promotional code and click “apply” button. Then you can log in, create an account or checkout as a guest. If you have an account on Anson’s website the billing and shipping address will fill up automatically. If you are a new customer you will have to enter your billing and shipping address manually. If you are done with that just choose your payment method and click red “PLACE ORDER” button. It’s done! You saved your money with our Anson’s promotional codes! It was not that hard, right?

Short version:

  • Go to,
  • Search for “Ansons”,
  • Select a promotion,
  • Shop!
  • Go to your cart,
  • Check if everything is fine,
  • Paste your promotional code and click apply,
  • Enter your billing and shipping address,
  • Choose payment method and pay for your order,
  • Click the red “PLACE ORDER” button,
  • Done! You saved your money!

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Make sure you like Anson’s page on Facebook. You should also check out their BLOG before doing shopping!