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When you go abroad or even travel within your own country, does it always have to be a choice between the good night’s sleep and an affordable price? Is there a way to combine the two and get a wonderful experience in the process? Normally, people would say ‘no,’ however with Tune Hotels you can sleep in comfortable conditions and not pay a price that is too high. Read on to see what Tune Hotels can offer you and your friends and family.

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Picodi believes in affordable travelling, whether you do it for personal or professional reasons. By subscribing to the website, you make sure you’re always on the better side of spending money. Using the platform is free at all times, and you are sure all the deals are checked daily.

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You can learn a lot just by visiting the Tune Hotels’ website. The first thing you can do is learning where the hotels are located. Most of them are situated in Malaysia which allows you to explore this wonderful country in more detail and stay in good conditions for little money. However, if you want to travel internationally, you can go to Liverpool in the United Kingdom, Indonesia and India, Australia, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. The world is your oyster, and you no longer need to overpay to see it.

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If you’re a fan of saving money, just go to Special Offers. Depending on your destination, type of trip and other features, you can enjoy complimentary upgrades, discounts, hotel transfer and cashback. Tune Hotels have also partnered up with some great entertainment providers so when you go abroad or travel in Malaysia, you can learn something new as well.

What if you’re not travelling alone? No problem, Tune Hotels will be happy to accommodate for all your company, and if you’re going to stay in one facility for more than ten nights, you can get a better rate. Simply fill out the form on the website, and you will soon receive feedback on your request.

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Tune Hotels is very realistic with regards to making their customers feel comfortable and providing them with good service. For example, if you want to make a booking for someone else, who cannot pay for the reservation themselves, the hotel will allow you to use your card. This way you can prepare a fantastic surprise for the person you love! All of the bathrooms are equipped with power showers so that you don’t need to worry about wandering around the hotel. If you want to travel with children, they are also welcome.

If you want to learn something about the concept of cheaper travel and you want to read about the city you are going to visit before you go there, refer to the Tune Hotels’ blog. The articles will tell you what the best activities in each city are, what to do upon arrival and the most popular attractions. This way you will know exactly where you’re going and you’ll be better prepared for your journey.

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If affordable travel is your thing and you prefer to stay at limited-service hotels, Tune is the right place for you. However, there are ways to save even more than you initially thought. With an excellent range of deals and offers, you can save tons and still enjoy your sleep in a 5-star bed.

  • Subscribe to Picodi and visit the platform whenever you receive an update about a new promotion.
  • Read through the promotions and check which one is the best for you. Click on it and copy the coupon code, if there is any.
  • Go to Tune Hotels’ website and start your booking process. Choose the city you wish to visit and refer to the location guide if you haven’t decided when you want to go yet. Enter all of the details of your booking and search for available rooms.
  • Choose the date and location best for you and book it. Enter your details and the coupon code, if asked, and confirm.


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That’s it! It wasn’t hard, was it? Find more attractive promotions on Picodi: Grab and Klook, for example.

Tune Hotels, just like last year, will be participating in the Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 sales this month. Make sure to check regularly for new deals related to both events!