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Spend RM150 or more at Lush Protein and enjoy 100% free delivery service right to your door.
  • expired: 2017-11-29

Spend RM150 or more at Lush Protein and enjoy 100% free delivery service right to your door.
  • expired: 2017-08-29

Spend RM150 or more at Lush Protein and enjoy 100% free delivery service right to your door.
  • expired: 2017-05-26

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Lush Protein promotions

Staying healthy and fit is now more critical than ever. Knowing how your body works and what kind of fuel it needs in various situations is key to becoming a better version of yourself. A proper diet and exercise are vital, but sometimes we need some extra help. Visit Lush Protein’s online store to get that help whenever you feel like you want to take the next step and become the best you can.

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Packed with good protein

It’s not going to be easy – the hard work needs to be done before the results can be seen. It’s as simple as that: nothing comes for free, and nothing is a given. If you feel so too, start with finding out what is it that you need and why do you need it? Do you wish to lose weight because you have got some extra pounds here and there or are you in a situation where you just can’t go on carrying weight like this?

Stay healthier and stronger

Perhaps you’re slim, but you want to gain some muscle weight to become stronger and more resistant? Or do you just want to start living a healthy life to ensure you’ve got brighter future ahead of you? What matters is that you have taken the first step and diagnosed your problem and needs. You can then proceed to find the right product at Lush Protein. How do you go about it?

You can choose your goal, and the system will show you products specifically designed to help you achieve it. Go with Muscle % Endurance, Lean & Weight Loss and Healthy Living. That’s a good start but you can also go with a more specific search and categories: Proteins, Blends & Carbs (yes, the right carbs are necessary when you’re training!), Superfoods which will bring you tons of vitamins in the process, Performance Supplements that will make you achieve better results, Wellness Supplements which help your body recover after training.

Explore bestsellers

You can also look through the time you are going to use them. The time of day matters and the type of product we want also depends on our schedule. Choose from Morning, Before, During or After Training, Anytime or Evening. One thing you need to realise if you’re just starting out on this path that everything in your life needs to change – including your diet.

Do you have any special needs? Don’t worry, Lush Protein has got you and your health issues covered. If you don’t eat meat, you can choose Vegan products, if you don’t tolerate certain sugars, go with Lactose-free. Need to avoid gluten? No problem at all! People who avoid carbs when they can also find items to their taste.

Once you shop at Lush Protein and you love the store, you will see that shopping there can also bring you benefits. Earn 5% credit whenever you make the purchase online. You can then spend it for any future purchase. Use your points within three months to ensure you redeem them on time. If you want to earn more points, you can use the referral scheme. Refer a friend or a family member and get incentives!

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Be the better version of yourself and get healthier with Lush Protein:

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  • Go to the store and start looking for products for yourself. When you see one, add it to your online cart. If you want to receive points for your purchase, you need to register an account.
  • When done with shopping, go to your cart and enter your promo code. Confirm your purchase, enter your details and pay.


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