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The Best Fiction of English Books 15% Off

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Chinese New Year: 15% Off International Bestseller Books


We Knew Him As Forrest Gump, Let's Know Him As A Writer Now


30% Discount Voucher To Legoland Resort Johor


10% Off With Kinokuniya Card


Free Luggage Tag


Free Delivery on Order Made From Webstore Malaysia


Cathy Glass Lovers: A Long Way From Home


Up To 25% Off Highlights Of All Times!


Free Key Chain & Magnetic Bookmark


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Click to get the deal and enjoy the best Fiction of last year, surely all of them are under must-read category. Click, read, enjoy!
  • expired: 2018-01-31

Peninsular Malaysia: Free delivery with every RM120 spent East Malaysia: Free delivery with every RM240 spent.
  • expired: 2018-02-28

Featuring titles by Lang Leav, Marian Keyes, Jamie Oliver and more, save 10% off on both fiction and non-fiction books online at Kinokuniya.
  • expired: 2018-01-05

Enjoy this daily offer at 10% discount on everything and also extra 15% off for KPC members. Offer valids from 26/12/2017 till 28/12/2017 only.
  • expired: 2017-12-28

Enjoy this daily offer at 10% discount on everything and also extra 15% off for KPC members. Offer valids from 26/12/2017 till 28/12/2017 only.
  • expired: 2017-12-27

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Kinokuniya - place to go for books & entertainment

There are many ways to entertain oneself in spare time. You can go to the cinema to watch the newest release with your favorite actors. You can also meet your friends to chat about all the essential things in life. There are also types of entertainment that are timeless and not subject to change, and one of them is reading a book. If you’re a fan of books, visit online bookstore Kinokuniya that has got everything you could need.

Check out Kinokuniya's website

Picodi values good entertainment that gives you pleasure. It is why you can visit Kinokuniya and other places that can have a significant impact on people. The subscription will get you all the best deals under one roof. Try it today and see what it’s worth!


It’s almost like any other bookstore. You go in, check out the sections and choose the best ones for you. The difference between Kinokuniya and stationary stores is that you can shop for books in the comfort of your own home and browse countless number of titles in one place. So what’s available?

Kinokuniya caters to a variety of tastes in the literary world. This is why it has got their books divided into languages in which they are written. So, for example, if you an English speaking person living in Malaysia, you will find the fantastic wealth of books written in this language. Perhaps you’re a student of English, and you want to practice your skills? This section is also for you.

Top picks at Kinokuniya

Malaysia has got a vast number of citizens coming from China. As this is the nation that values tradition and culture Kinokuniya has got a whole department devoted to books written and published in Chinese. This way you can stay just a bit closer to your home even if you live abroad.

The same goes for people coming from Japan to Malaysia. You can find your favorite titles and some more that will fill your spare time with valuable entertainment and insight into an entirely different reality.

You can also look for books using other categories. For example, new arrivals are titles just added to the store. The books that have been recently published and about which you have been hearing for some time now are here for you to grab them. And if you’re still not convinced, they are often discounted to an even more affordable price!

Calendars at Kinokuniya

You might also want to read something that is especially popular with other readers. Check out Recommended items to see what readers across different countries and Malaysia love to read. Those which are bought frequently within the last season, are placed in Best Sellers categories and can include titles from all genres.

But that’s not all that Kinokuniya can provide you with. If you’re looking for beautiful and practical items from the stationery department, Kinokuniya opens its doors to you. Calendars and notebooks will help you get your things in order and find your inner time management skills. Sticky notes are convenient and helpful in your daily work. Lifestyle objects include vases which are both practical and beautiful and which will bring some light into your space. Finally, everyone deserves just a bit of fun once in a while. Check out the selection of Toys that Kinokuniya carries.

Stationery at Kinokuniya

Kinokuniya coupons

It appears that even though books are at good prices at Kinokuniya, you can do much better with Picodi. All you need is follow these simple steps, and you will soon find yourself with a lot of saved money.

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  • When you visit Picodi, you will find a load of promotions ready to be grabbed by you. Click and copy the coupon code and go to the store’s website.
  • Start searching for a book which you want to buy and when you see one, add it to your basket.
  • When you’re done shopping, go to checkout and review what you’ve bought. Add your code and leave your details.


Toys available at Kinokuniya

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